CANSEC 2009 Exhibitor Website
3M Canada Company
ABB Analytical
Accipiter Radar Technologies Inc.,
A Sicom company
Acron Capability Engineering Inc.
ADGA Group Consultants Inc.
Adventure Lights Inc./Quantum Marine Ltd.
Agilent Technologies Canada Inc.
Airborne Systems Canada Ltd
Alenia North America
Allen-Vanguard Corp
Allied Wings
Alphacasting Inc.
Applanix A Trimble Company
ARKTOS Developments Ltd.
Armatec Survivability Corp.
Atlantis Systems International Inc.
BAE Systems
Beclawat Manufacturing Inc.
Boeing Aerospace
Bombardier Aerospace
C4i Consultants Inc.
CAE Inc.
Canadian Tactical Operational & Medical Solutions
CanRep Inc.
Cantec Systems
Cantronic Systems Inc
CarteNav Solutions
Cascade Aerospace Inc.
CDL Systems Ltd.
CE3-Custom Electronic Integrated
Celestica Inc
CGI Info. Systems & Mgmt Consultants
Chemring Defence
Cimtex Industries
Cleeve Technology Incorporated
Clermark Inc.
CMC Electronics Inc.
Cobham Tracking & Locating Ltd.
Colt Canada
Composites Atlantic Limited
Concept Controls Inc.
Controlled Goods Program and Industrial Security Program - PWGSC
Converteam Canada Inc.
CP Cases Inc.
CRD Distribution Inc.
Current Corporation
C-Vision Limited
DARAL Group --
Design Shelter Inc.
DEW Engineering and Development Limited
DGIIP- Department of National Defence
Dorval Technologies
Draeger Safety Canada Ltd.
DRS Technologies Canada
Dueck & Associates
EADS Canada
Elbit Systems Ltd.
Emcon Emanation Control Limited
EMT Engineering Sales
Ensil Canada Ltd.
EODC Engineering, Developing and Licensing, Inc. --
ESRI Canada Ltd.
Export Controls Division -Department of Foreign Affairs & International Trade
Eye Tactical
Fleetway Inc.
GasTOPS Ltd.
General Dynamics Canada
General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada
General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems-Canada
General Kinetics Engineering Corp
General Starlight Co., Ltd.
GE-Rolls Royce Fighter Engine Team
Gladstone Aerospace Consulting Inc.
Hardigg Canada ULC
Harris Canada Inc.
Humansystems Incorporated
ICOM Canada
IMP Group International Inc.
Imstrat Corporation
Industeel Canada Inc.
Industry Canada
ING Engineering Inc.
Inmedius Canada Inc.
IntelliView Technologies Inc.
ITS Electronics Inc.
Jacobs & Thompson Inc.
John Deere Limited
Jroberts Mfg. Inc.
Kamatics Corporation
Kenwood Electronics Canada Inc.
KJ Laser Micromachining
Kongsberg Maritime
L-3 Communications
Lansdowne Technologies
Levitt Instruments
Lockheed Martin
Logistik Unicorp Inc.
Luxell Technologies Inc.
Lyster Industries Inc
MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA)
Maersk Canada Inc
Magellan Aerospace Corporation
MAN Military Vehicle Systems Canada
Mannarino Systems & Software Inc.
Marine Industrial Lighting Systems Ltd.
Marinvent Corporation
Marport Canada Inc
Martec Limited
MC&F International Consultants --
MD Charlton Co. Ltd.
Meggitt Training Systems Canada
Mercedes-Benz Canada
MHD International Aviation Parts Inc.
Microsoft Canada
Milrail Inc.
Mincom Canada Inc.
Multi-Caisses Inc.
MultiShred Inc.
Mustang Survival Corp.
Nammo Primex Security Systems Ltd / Nammo Canada Inc.
Nanowave Technologies Inc.
National Technical Systems
Navistar Defense, LLC
Neptec Design Group
Newcon Optik
NGRAIN Corporation
Norleans Technologies Inc.
NormadiQ Shelter Solutions Inc.
Northrop Grumman
NovAtel Inc.
Oakley Canada
Obzerv Technology
Oculus Info Inc.
OSI Geospatial Inc.
Pacific Safety Products
Panasonic Canada Inc.
Patlon Aircraft & Industries Limited
Paystation Inc.
Pelican Products, Inc. (Canada)
Pennant Canada Limited
PMC Project Management Centre Inc.
Pratt & Whitney Canada Incorporated
Premiere Electronics --
Prolity Corporation
Proparms Ltd.
Provincial Aerospace Limited
R. Nicholls Distributors Inc.
Racal Acoustics Limited
Raytheon Canada Limited
Rheinmetall Canada Inc.
RMF Design and Manufacturing Inc.
Rohde & Schwarz Canada Inc.
Rutter Inc.
Saab International Canada Ltd.
Sagem Défense Sécurité Canada Inc. --
Scepter Corporation
Schaeffler Canada (formerly FAG Aerospace Inc.)
Scintrex Trace Corp.
SED Systems - a division of CALIAN Ltd.
SEI Industries Ltd.
Sennheiser Government Systems (Canada)
Sensors & Software Inc.
SkyLink Aviation Corporation
Smiths Detection
Source Engineering
Spacesaver Corp.
Spectrum Signal Processing by Vecima
Sprung Instant Structures Ltd.
STC Footwear
Stedfast Inc.
Stoeger Canada Ltd.
Strategic Ops Group
Summit Structures
TACO Communications Inc.
Technopole Defence and Security
Tektronix Inc.
Textron Inc.
Thales Canada Inc.
The Shooting Edge Inc.
Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems Canada Inc.
Top Aces Consulting Inc.
TSL Aerospace Technologies Ltd.
Tulmar Safety Systems Inc.
UK Delegation --
Ultra Electronics Canada Defence Inc.
Unisys Canada Inc
US Northern Command
Valley Associates Inc.
VariSystems Inc.
Vector Aerospace
Vectronix AG
Visiontec (2008) Limited
Whites Manufacturing
WiDS - Women in Defence and Security