on the MacKenzie-King Bridge in Ottawa
Wednesday March 28th  4:00 - 5:00 PM
to tell CADSI to stop the CANSEC Weapons Bazaar
The Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) will be 
concluding their annual general meeting in the nearby Shaw Centre. 
CADSI is an organization which includes major national and international weapons producers who promote and sell their lethal wares in Canada and worldwide. It represents 800 Canadian military, police and surveillance companies, some of which are foreign owned. Every year, CADSI sponsors CANSEC which is Canada's largest war-industry bazaar.  This event facilitates the sale of products -- including weapons systems and components of all kinds -- to the Canadian armed forces as well as the export of military hardware to dozens of foreign governments.  About half of Canada's annual, multibillion-dollar military production is exported, and some 80% of those exports go to the United States.  This year there will be about 250 CANSEC exhibitors.
They will be holding their weapons sales “bazaar” (CANSEC) on May 30th -31st
We are asking CADSI and the Canadian Government to cancel CANSEC. There are many sustainable and more employment generating alternatives to weapons production and sales. Not only is military production one of the least efficient means ever conceived of to create jobs, it is obviously not environmentally sustainable or of any value in promoting much-needed social programs such as health care, education, housing, public transit, etc. 
Supported by:
Peace and Social Concerns Committee (Quakers)
Ottawa Raging Grannies
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for more information about this action please email: pscinfo@bell.net

New COAT research on CPP investments in world's

Top-War industries and Nuclear Weapons producers

including those with subsidiaries at CANSEC 2018:

(1)  T
he Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is now investing $1.3 Billion in 36 of the World's Top-100 War IndustriesThis includes $559 million in about 30 of these top, global weapons industries that have subsidiaries exhibiting at CANSEC this year.  Learn more here

(2)  The CPP is also investing $451 Million in 14 corporations that are complicit in nuclear-weapons production, maintenance &/or managementThis includes six of those top war industries that will have eight subsidiaries exhibiting at CANSEC 2018 Learn more here