Mothers' Day at the War Show
A 30-minute documentary produced by COAT

“Air shows” are at the forefront of a cultural epidemic
in which militarism, violence and war technology are
glorified and romanticised as family fun and entertainment.

For many years, COAT organised various protests, vigils and educational campaigns to raise awareness about war shows, and in particular one of Canada's largest military propaganda events, commonly known as the National Capital Air Show.

COAT has also helped many peace/anti-war activists to organise protests similar war shows held every year across Canada.

In 1997, the "National Capital Air Show" was held on Mothers Day. That year, COAT organised an exhibit inside the grounds of the war show in which Iraqi children's original artwork was displayed. These drawings and paintings, collected by Canadian peace activists in Iraq, graphically depicted US and allied warplanes bombing Iraq during the 1991 war.

COAT's 30-minute documentary juxtaposes numerous contradictory images and interviews from the Ottawa war show and from Iraq, including:

war planes doing aerial stunts at the National Capital Air Show
Pentagon footage of these same kinds of war planes bombing Iraq
Iraqi children’s paintings depicting these war planes
interviews with young war show spectators and Iraqi war victims
interviews with COAT activists and volunteers inside the war show
images of the destruction wreaked by war planes upon the civilian intrastructure of Iraq
interviews with former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark in Iraq in 1991

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In July 2002, COAT produced an issue of Press for Conversion! called:
"Canada's Military Air Shows:
Reaching New Heights in the Glorification of War."

This issue of COAT's magazine exposes detailed information about the warplanes that have performed at dozens of Canadian “air shows.” COAT research has revealed that 82% of the almost 400 planes that “entertained” at 26 Canadian warshows in 2001 were military warplanes. Sixty percent of all these military planes performing at Canadian warshows were American. This issue of Press for Conversion! also lists the wars, invasions, interventions, regime changes and other military operations in which all these 400 types of warplanes were used. The magazine gives details on the weapons that can and have been "delivered" by these warplanes. It also exposes the primary functions of "air shows," namely, propaganda, indoctrination and recruitment.
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