Canadian Military-related Exports to Israel

Of the 122 Canadian military-related corporations listed below, 65 report having "export experience" with Israel while 56 report that they are "actively pursuing" exports to Israel. Meanwhile, one company -- "FAG Aerospace" -- which had as recently as January 6, 2009, reported that it had "export experience" with Israel deleted this data from Industry Canada's corporate database betwteen January 6 and January 14, 2009. (See details in the note below.)

This data comes from the "Canadian Company Capabilities (CCC) database.  The CCC is a "centrally maintained current searchable database of 60,000 Canadian businesses." Although the CCC is a service of the Canadian government (Industry Canada), all of the information in this database is entered directly by the companies themselves. (The CCC divides Canadian companies into 15 sectors, each with its own "specialised directory" within the CCC. One of these sectors/directories is called "Aerospace and Defence.")

Besides reporting that they have "export experience" with Israel, the Canadian corporations listed below have either:
(1) identified themselves as belonging to the industrial sector known as "Aerospace and Defence" (and are therefore listed in that particular CCC directory), or
(2)  they belong to a different industrial sector but report "defence" exports and/or state that "defence" is one of the company's "Industry Sector Market Interests."

Almost all of the companies below list "defence" as an "Industry Sector Market Interests."

Company Name Website: Exports to Israel
3M Security Systems Division actively pursuing
ACC Aardent Corporation Canada Inc. - export experience
ADVANTECH actively pursuing
Aerotech Herman Nelson Int'l Inc. export experience
(division of AirBoss of America Corp.) actively pursuing
Allianz Madvac export experience
Alphacasting Inc. export experience
Andec Manufacturing Ltd. export experience
Applied Microsystems Limited actively pursuing
Arc'teryx Equipment Inc. export experience
Array Systems Computing Inc. actively pursuing
ASC Signal Corporation export experience
Astra International Corp. - export experience
Auctionwire actively pursuing
Axela Biosensors Inc. actively pursuing
AZZ Blenkhorn & Sawle Limited export experience
Belding Skills Training and Development actively pursuing
BERG Consulting Ltd. - actively pursuing
Bluefish Creative Communications actively pursuing
Brent Packaging & Logistics Ltd. actively pursuing
CableTest Systems Inc. export experience
Cartier Chemicals Ltd. actively pursuing
Centennial Solar actively pursuing export experience
Clickable Solutions Company export experience
CMC Electronics Inc. export experience
Cognis Canada Corporation export experience
COLLINEO inc. actively pursuing
ComNav Marine Ltd. export experience
Consoltex Inc. export experience
DALSA Corporation export experience
Dart Aerospace Limited actively pursuing
Doric Lenses Inc actively pursuing
DRS Technologies Canada export experience
DuPont Canada export experience
Eidetic Digital Imaging Ltd. export experience
Elettra Technology Inc. actively pursuing
Elimetal Inc. export experience
Emerson Network Power Canada actively pursuing
ENERTEC Inc. export experience
Engineering Services Inc. (ESI) actively pursuing (but lists Israeli firm as "major client"
FAG BEARINGS Inc. - export experience*
Firebird Technologies Inc. export experience
Full Lotus Manufacturing Inc export experience
Gemite Products Inc. actively pursuing
Global Skills Inc. actively pursuing
Helitrades Inc. export experience
Honeywell actively pursuing
ICAN export experience
Imbotec Group export experience
iMPath Networks Ltd. export experience
IntelliView Technologies Inc. actively pursuing
International Safety Systems Inc. export experience
Islip Flow Controls Inc actively pursuing
Jackie Cooper actively pursuing
Jellett Biotek Consulting - export experience
JMF CRANES & HOISTS INC. actively pursuing
K&Y Diamond Ltd. export experience
KK Precision actively pursuing
Knotty Webworks - actively pursuing
KOM Networks actively pursuing
L2B Environmental Systems Inc. actively pursuing
Maple Laboratories Ltd. export experience
Mechron Power Systems export experience
Medair Time Critical Express Ltd export experience
Meta Vision Systems Inc. export experience
METEOGLOBE Canada inc. export experience
Mitec Telecom Inc. export experience
MKI Travel & Conference Management actively pursuing
Molecular World Inc export experience
MPB Technologies Inc. export experience
Nanowave Technologies Inc. export experience
National Merchandising Corporation actively pursuing
Niedner export experience
Nor Environmental International actively pursuing
Notixia actively pursuing
Organisation Metrics Inc. actively pursuing
PCI Geomatics export experience
PDI and Harvard University Global System export experience
PixeLINK export experience
Plant CML actively pursuing
Precision Spindle & Accessories Inc. export experience
Presagis export experience
Proparms Ltd. export experience
Pyrotech Asphalt Equipment Mfg. Co. Ltd. export experience
Quad Automation Inc. actively pursuing
Quickmill Inc. actively pursuing
Raytheon Canada Limited export experience
Raytheon Canada Limited -
Waterloo Facility actively pursuing
ReflectoSphere Division actively pursuing
Reiken Group LLC export experience
Robco Inc. export experience
Sancor Industries Ltd. export experience
Satlantic Inc. actively pursuing
Scienton Technologies Inc. actively pursuing
SDV Logistics ( Canada) Inc. export experience
SED Systems - division of CALIAN Ltd. actively pursuing
SEI Industries Inc. actively pursuing
Shellcast Foundries Inc. export experience
SHIncBC.CANADA actively pursuing
SOGENTI INC export experience
Soucy International Inc. export experience
SPACEPOL Academic Publishers Co/Government Policy Consulting ... actively pursuing
Spicer Corporation export experience
Sputtek Inc. actively pursuing
Stellar Optics Research International Corp. export experience
Streit Manufacturing Inc. actively pursuing
Supportech Inc. export experience
TBG Global Inc. - actively pursuing
Tiger-Vac International Inc. export experience
Ultra Electronics Telemus actively pursuing
UView Ultraviolet Systems Inc. export experience
Vestshell Inc export experience
Videolink actively pursuing
Vive Nano actively pursuing
VRINDA Inc actively pursuing
Weatherhaven export experience
Western Propeller (Pacific) Ltd. actively pursuing
Xakt Komponents Inc. - actively pursuing
Zenair Ltd. export experience
Zilex Electronics Inc. export experience

* One of the companies, "FAG BEARINGS Inc." had reported as recently as January 6, 2009, that it had "export experience" with Israel. Interestingly, by January 14, 2009, this reference to the company's previous exports to Israel had been deleted from Industry Canada's CCC database. A Google cache of the CCC web page dated January 6, 2009, reveals the original data entry.  Apparently, Israel's bombing of Gaza and the resulting murder of more than 1000 civilians caused this company to delete their earlier reference to having exported their products to Israel. The new entry for this company on Industry Canada's CCC database is linked here.