"Boycott USA": A campaign whose time has finally come?
By Richard Sanders, coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade

Someday, perhaps not too far in the future, the US will have alienated so many nations and peoples that a "Boycott USA" campaign will grow to massive proportions and it will have real clout.  Just as in the 1980s, South Africa was widely recognized as a racist regime to be boycotted, many are now looking upon the US as the world's leading pariah state.  It's power spreads much much globally than South Africa's ever did. The globalization of apartheid seems to be gaining strength and there are many fronts upon which the US is seen as a major bully and criminal for the behaviour of its government, its military and its corporations.  (Even its tourists aren't too well received in many places.) Just as South Africa's racist regime was ostracized by so much of the world community, the US power elite must face that possibility.  Someday they too may face a major global movement to boycott their nation.

The list of US transgressions and criminal actions is of course very long. An encyclopedia could and should be written to elucidate these.  Nowadays, the list is growing faster than perhaps ever before.  Simultaneously, alternative sources of news and information about these US violations are reaching more and more people.  Thankfully, it is becoming harder and
harder for the government and the corporate media to pull the wool over the publics' eyes. (Also, thanks largely to the revolution in communications, the internet has made it very easy to create an online "petition/pledge" that could potentially be signed by millions of people in literally a few days.)

All this makes a "Boycott US" campaign much more likely to be accepted and news of it more likely to spread incredibly quickly.

I think that within the next few years, decades at the most, global opposition to the US will indeed become so strong that a boycott of US products, services, etc., will be a incredible force to be contended with.  Actually, the boycott of US products has already begun, most notably  in the Arab world. It will likely grow in leaps and bounds, if and when the US invades Iraq, again.

If they were to invade The Hague, Netherlands, the boycott US movement would get a much bigger boost. Imagine a day, perhaps not too far in the future when some US military or political figure is apprehended and charged with crimes against peace, crimes against humanity or war crimes by the International Criminal Court (ICC) (Perhaps they'll be charged with some crime related to the upcoming invasion of Iraq, or for some particular mass murder in Vietnam, Guatemala, Indonesia, Chile, or wherever -- pick your "favourite" US atrocity.  The US has already passed laws saying it could "legally" invade The Hague to rescue US soldiers from the ICC if this happens.

Invading the Hague seems like a fantasy but it might happen.  It would certainly make many more millions of people very quickly aware that the US is indeed a rampaging rogue superstate.

Other events could trigger a global economic boycott against the US.  If they decided to nuke Iraq, North Korea, China (and they do have such plans on the books) such an action could provoke such widespread anti-US  government feelings that a widespread boycott of their goods might seriously affect their economy.

A google search for "Boycott US" resulted in over 300 web sites.  An internet search using other languages, such as Arabic, would surely yield many more hits. I imagine that in a few years, a search for that same phrase will yield a great many more hits.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how we could proceed in this direction?  Perhaps an online "Boycott USA" pledge site should be initiated.  It could be similar to COAT's site:
"Global Appeal for No More Violence!" http://www.flora.org/coat/appeal/

Some questions immediately come to mind:

Does such a "boycott USA" pledge site already exist?

Should the boycott include all US:


What else could be included on the list of boycottables?

What should be excluded from the list?

What about US organizations or companies that oppose US policies, should they too be boycotted?

What about consulting with major unions and other organizations in the US?

South African activists supported the international anti-apartheid boycott, will US activists do likewise?

What if there is little or no support from within the US?

Because Canada and the US re so closely tied economically, a "Boycott US" campaign would hurt us too.  Are Canadians and others who are tied to the US, willing to embrace such a campaign?

I'm curious to see what people think of this.  Is this an idea whose time has finally come?

Richard Sanders
Coordinator, COAT

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