Mothers' Day
at the War Show

Myths for Profit

In 1997, the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) produced a 30-minute documentary on the militarisation of air shows.

These "War Show" spectacles use the world's deadliest weapons systems as "performers" to entertain mass audiences.

The COAT documentary  juxtaposes images of:

* warplanes doing stunts at the Ottawa "Air Show"

* Iraqi children's war art which COAT activists displayed inside the Ottawa "air show."

* Canadian children and youth at an "air show" describing their favourite weapons systems.

* the aerial destruction of Iraq and its health effects on children

The documentary is a critique of the prevailing culture of violence in which warplanes are used to either entertain and recruit children in the homeland, or to kill foreign children in their homes abroad.

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This documentary,
by Wide Open Exposure,
includes clips from an interview with Richard Sanders,
coordinator of the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade

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