List of 135 NGO Endorsements for the
No to NATO: Festival of Creative Nonviolence
Oct 6, 2001
Organized by the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)

Please note that the tone and location of our event was modified because of
the September 11 terrorist attack on the U.S.  COAT decided that we could
not hold a festive event across from the US embassy in Ottawa.  Instead we
have organized a Vigil for Nonviolence, on the same date, Oct 6, beginning
on Parliament Hill at 1 pm.  We will walk in a silent procession -- to
"silence the violence" -- to First United Church for a program of speakers,
music and workshops.  That program will begin at 2 pm.

We expect that most if not all of these endorsing NGOs would agree with the
new plans for our -- which has virtually all same speakers, musicians and
workshops that were planned for the Festival.  However, we have been so
busy that we have not had the time necessary to correspond with all of
these festival endorsers to confirm whether their endorsement can now apply
to our Vigil for Nonviolenc.  With all that in mind...

Here is the list of 135 endorsers:

520 South Murphy Ave., Suite 202
Sunnyvale CA  94086

Tel.: 408-733-4350
Fax: 208-979-5318
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Eric Garris

NGO Description: provides constantly updated war and peace
news, viewpoints, and


Appeal of the Nobel Peace Laureates for Children - France

B.P. 20797
Compiègne Cedex   F60207

Tel.: +33 3 44 86 39 07
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Dipti & Pierre Marchand

NGO Description: The Foundation united Nobel Peace Laureates to sign an
Appeal "For the Children." It also brought together all heads of state and
governments to proclaim the UN "International Decade for a Culture of Peace
& NonViolence" (2001-10).


Association of Serbian Women

The Hudson Bay Centre
20 Bloor St. E., PO Box 75 088
Toronto ON  M4W 3T3

Tel.: 416-928 0043
Fax: 16-924 9895
Email: <>

Contact: Snezana Vitorovich

NGO Description: The ASW was formed in 1993, to promote positive aspects of
our Serbian heritage and offers a Serbian women's perspective to mainstream
society on those issues that concern us as women and mothers.


Australian Peace Committee (S.A. Branch)

1st Floor Trades Hall 11 South Terrace
Adelaide SA  5000

Tel.: 61-8-8332-3461
Fax: 61-8-8364-2291
Email: <> <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Irene Gale and Ron Gray

NGO Description: The APC promotes disarmament, development and peace, by
lobbying governments, politicians, unions and other community groups, both
in Australia and internationally; produces newsletter, leaflets, petitions;
arranges school visits, forums, demonstrations.

Solidarity Message: Dear friends assembled at the "No to NATO: Festival of
Creative NonViolence" --

We wish to send you a message of greetings and solidarity for your very
important gathering in October.

The issues you are discussing are of vital importance to us all.  It helps
all of us around the world in our efforts to achieve a world of peace with
justice - knowing that there are so many others of like mind who are
dedicating all their efforts and ideas to achieving a decent world for the
future generations.

So many people have been trained to think only of themselves - and even to
ignore the terrible dangers which threaten all people on earth.  In order
to open the eyes (and the hearts) of these people, it is necessary that we
all work together to overcome the world's problems.

Therefore we not only send you greetings and best wishes for a wonderful
and exciting experience at the Festival, but we assure you that we will all
do all we can to join in with the plans which come from the weekend.  We
will also be very eager to learn of the marvellous ideas which come from
your deliberations, so that we can use them in our work here in Australia.

So -- greetings and best wishes to all those at the "No to NATO: Festival
of Creative NonViolence" from Australian Peace Committee members right
around Australia.

Ron Gray and Irene Gale Australian Peace Committee (South Australian Branch)


Australians for a Free East Timor

Box 2155
Darwin NT  0801

Tel.: 61 8 89832113       mbl 0419 807175
Email: <>

Contact: Rob Wesley-Smith

NGO Description: Opposed Indonesian occupation of East Timor that killed
300,000.  Our actions were consistent, peaceful, progressive, including
street actions, submissions to Inquiries, conferencing, use of media and
proactive material & moral support for Timorese.


Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation

Tel.: 250-595-7519
Email: <>

Contact: Theresa Wolfwood

NGO Description: The Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation, of Victoria, BC, is
a registered non-profit society, founded in 1996, to promote, sponsor and
organize work and events on the issues of peace, social justice and women's
rights, locally and internationally.


Befriending the Earth

49 Evergreen Drive
Nepean ON  K2H 6C5

Tel.: 820-0598
Email: <>

Contact: Colin and Rev. Isobel McGregor

NGO Description: Befriending the Earth is an Ottawa-based network of
kindred spirits with a mission to educate, activate and celebrate through
learning and action circles dedicated to ecological and spiritual renewal


Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation


Email: <>

Contact: Tony Simpson


Bethune Institute for Anti-Fascist Studies

1481 Okanagan Ave
Salman Arm BC  V1E 1N5

Email: <>

Contact: Dr. David Lethbridge

NGO Description: The Bethune Institute for Anti-Fascist Studies publishes
in-depth documents
on organized racism, fascism, and far-right activity. These documents are
intended to provide weapons in the hands of those who would combat such


British Columbia Voice of Women

Box 235
Nanaimo BC  V9R 5K9

Email: <>

Contact: Marjorie Stewart

NGO Description: British Columbia Voice of Women Society (VOW) is an
organization of feminist women whose purposes are to educate and advocate
for peace and justice in all their forms; and to educate and advocate
against militarism in all its forms.


Campaign Against Military Bases (Samtok herstodvaandstaedinga)

Tronuhjalla 13
IS 200 Kopavogur   Tronuhjalla 13

Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Einar Olafsson

NGO Description: CAMB/SHA was founded in 1972 following an older
rganization founded in 1962. These organizations came out of an movement
that had been struggling against the US bases in Iceland since 1946 and the
membership of NATO since 1949. CAMB/SHA has defined itself as an
anti-imperialistic peace movement. The organizations has now begun preparing
actions against of the NATO-summit in Reykjavik in May 2002 in cooperation
with other orgaizations and individuals


Canada Tibet Committee

4675 Coolbrook
Montréal QC  H3X 2K7

Tel.: 514-487-0665
Fax: 514-487-7825
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Carole Samdup

NGO Description: CTC seeks an end to the ongoing destruction of Tibetan
culture and the suffering of Tibetans.   It advocates the restoration of
Tibet's status as an independent state.  We are committed to non-violence
and oppose the use of violence to resolve conflict. We recognize the
Tibetan government-in-exile as the legitimate representative of Tibetan

Solidarity Message: The members of the Canada Tibet Committee stand in
solidarity with the Anti-Nato Festival because of its support for the
principle of non-violence.  This principle guides and defines our own
struggle for the human rights of the Tibetan people.  We believe that
conflict produces only more conflict.  We believe that if non-violent
struggles are not championed then the world will not develop peaceful and
democratic societies.  We commend you on your efforts in this regard and
offer our heartfelt solidarity.

Thubten Samdup,
Canada Tibet Committee, National Office


Canadian Action for Indonesia and East Timor Quadra

Email: <>

Contact: Carole Foort


Canadian Auto Workers

205 Placer Crt
Willowdale ON  M2H 3H9

Tel.: 416-497-4110
Fax: 416-495-6554
Email: <>

Contact: Steve Watson


Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture

Email: <>

Contact: Mulugeta Abai


Canadian Doukhobor Society

RR4, 1016 Ibbotson Street
Creston BC  VOB lG4

Tel.: 250-428-9634

Contact: Alex Ewashen

NGO Description: Registered under the Society's Act of British Columbia,
the Canadian Doukhobor Society is primarily a federation of unaffiliated or
independent Doukhobors.  Its roots stem to 1945 when an effort was made to
unite all Doukhobors into a federation forming one voice on issues of
disarmament, peace, and nonviolence.

Solidarity Message: Since the Doukhobors burnt their firearms in 1895, the
world has made many technological improvements such as in health,
education, transportation, and social service, but little progress in
getting rid of the institution of militarism and war.  NATO is one of these
institutions that continues to pursue a dangerous policy of might over
right, of weaponry over discussion and negotiations, and the use of first
strike including the insane use of nuclear weapons. The recent terrorist
attacks on New York and Washington is a Wake Up Call to human survival. We
need to reaffirm our stand on No to War, No to violence, but Yes to reason,
negotiations, and nonviolent action. NATO is a cold war institution that
has outlived its usefulness -- and in fact is one which perpetuates the
notion of might is right and war is the way to a safe society.  We need to
work on prevention rather than retaliation and retribution.
Instead of spending hundreds of billions for weapons of mass destruction
which we manufacture for ourselves and sell around the world, we should
allocate hundreds of billions of dollars for feeding the world's hungry,
housing the homeless, healing the sick and helping heal the wounds of war
and hatred around the world. As the Nonviolent Peaceforce recently
stated,"The only real security is for the United States to become a real
friend of all the world's people."
Koozma J. Tarasoff


Canadian Federation of Students

500-170 Metcalfe Street
Ottawa ON  K2P 1P3

Tel.: 613-232-7394
Fax: 613-232-0276
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Jen Anthony

NGO Description: A federation of over 60 college and university student
unions with a combined membership of more than 400,000 students. Students
in Canada have been represented by the Canadian Federation of Students and
its predecessor organisations since 1927.


Canadian Orthodox Archdiocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kiev)

37823 Hawkins Rd
Dewdney BC  V0M 1H0

Tel.: 604-826-9336
Fax: 604-820-9758
Email: <>

Contact: Archbishop Lazar Puhalo

NGO Description: The Canadian Orthodox Archdiocese is the Canadian Eparchy
of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Patriarchate of Kiev and all Ukraine. As
such, it represents His Holiness, Patriarch Philaret of Kiev in North America.

Solidarity Message: It has become more and more clear that NATO has ceased
to be a defensive organization, and become an enforcement agency for the
economic and military domination of the Western world.. This
development is the most serious threat to national freedom and genuine
democracy since the Third Reich. I congratulate COAT for its efforts to
arouse awareness and resistance to this most disturbing development. Every
effort should be made to get Canada out of NATO and stop our country from
supporting this aggressive imperialism.
                 Archbishop Lazar Puhalo
                  Canadian Orthodox Archdiocese,
                   Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Kiev Patriarchate.


Canadian Peace Alliance/l'Alliance canadienne pour la paix

13-427 Bloor St. W.
Toronto ON  M5S 1X7

Tel.: 416-588-5555
Fax: 416-588-5556
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Carolyn Bassett

NGO Description: The Canadian Peace Alliance is Canada's largest umbrella
peace organization. We help groups network on peace issues and organize
cross-Canada peace strategies, campaigns and actions.


Peace Research: The Canadian Journal of Peace Studies

Dep't of Political Science, Brandon University
270 18th St.
Brandon MB  R7A 6A9

Tel.: 204-727-9720
Fax: 204-728-4492

Contact: Prema Naidu

NGO description: This biannual publication founded in 1969, is Canada's
oldest and the main scholarly, multidisciplinary, refereed international
journal.  Distributed in 40 countries.  Dedicated to studies of peace in
all its comprehensiveness---encompassing "negative" and "positive" peace.
The journal publishes original studies that have a commitment to peace,
peaceful methodology of conflict-resolution and peace education.

Solidarity Message:  The editors of Peace Research: The Canadian Journal of
Peace Studies condemn the horrendous tragedies caused by terrorist attacks
in the United States on September 11, 2001. Terrorism is the product of
prejudice, hate and violence. Killing innocent civilians and destroying
non-military infrastructure constitute crimes against humanity.

State terrorism against terrorist movements only escalates the crimes.
Counter-terrorism can't end terrorism. The answer to prejudice and hate is
understanding and empathy; the anti-dote to violence is nonviolence.

Terrorism must be rooted out by eliminating its causes---dehumanizing
poverty, racism, religionism, sexism and victimization by domestic
dictators and foreign neo-colonial exploiters.

Islamic terrorism can be neutralized by establishing a stable and  viable
Palestinian state, by ending economic sanctions against Iraq and Iran, by
forcing Pakistan to end its sponsorship of terrorist groups for Afghanistan
and Kashmir, by bringing about the democratization of all Islamic
dictatorships, and by initiating a Marshall Plan for the developing countries.


Canadian Physicians for Global Survival

208-145 Spruce St
Ottawa ON  K1R 6P1

Tel.: 233-1982
Fax: 233-9028
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Debbie Grisdale


Canadian Religious Conference - Ontario

101-146 Laird Dr
Toronto ON  M4G 3V7

Tel.: 416-424-4664

Contact: Doryne Kirby


Canadian Voice of Women for Peace

761 Queen St. W.
Toronto ON  M6J 1G1

Tel.: 416-603-7915
Fax: 416-603-7916
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Susan De Rosa

NGO Description: Network of women throughout Canada working for peace and
social justice for all.  Focii include a Culture of Peace, UN, Voice of
Somali Women for Peace, and nuclear issues.


Central Alberta Raging Grannies

Email: <>

Contact: Lorna Diggle


Centre for Peace Studies (McMaster University)

1280 Main St W., University Hall B104
Hamilton ON  L8S 4K1

Tel.: 905-525-9140, ext. 24729
Fax: 905-570-1167
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Gary R. Purdy


Centre for Social Justice

836 Bloor St West
Toronto ON  M6G 1M2

Tel.: 1-888-803-8881 (toll free); 416-927-0777 x225;  416-927-7771
Fax: 416-531-3197
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: David Langille

NGO Description: The CSJ supports social movements struggling for social
justice, with a special focus on narrowing the gap in income, wealth and
power.  The CSJ Foundation for Research & Education produces educational
materials on social and economic issues.


Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade

541 McLeod St
Ottawa ON  K1R 5R2

Tel.: 231-3076
Fax: 231-2614
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>  <>

Contact: Richard Sanders

NGO Description: COAT, a network of individuals and organizations, has
exposed and opposed militarism since 1988.  COAT has initiated a "Global
Appeal for 'No more violence.'"


Communist Party of Canada

Email: <>

Contact: Darrell Rankin


Community for Reconciliation

Email: <>

Contact: John Johansen-Berg

NGO Description: CR is committed  to working for peace with justice on the
basis if the teaching of Jesus.  We engage in training courses for
non-violent action, peace building and reconciliation in areas where there
has been conflict. We have partners in Romania, Kenya , Rwanda, Burundi and
Croatia. We have links in Ireland and Israel-Palestine.

Solidarity Message: I write to send greetings and wish you well for the
Featival. Creative and co-operative ventures are needed to confont the
forces of militarism and  and economic power with a popular  and
non-violent campaign for a just and sharing world order.

May the keynote of celebration and determination  for a true peace bring
hope into the lives of those who suffer from injustice and oppression.
Go well.

John Johansen-Berg.
(International Director: Community for Reconciliation.)


Conscience Canada

Victoria Central Post Office
PO Box 8601
Victoria BC  V8W 3S2

Tel.: 250-384-5532
Fax: 604-382-8378 attn: CC
Email: <>
Web site: <>

Contact: Kris Mansfield


Convergence: Poems for Peace

43 Belmont Avenue
Ottawa ON  K1S 0T9

Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Susan McMaster

NGO Description: Convergence: Poems for Peace gives art-wrapped peace poems
by creators from across Canada to MPs and Senator during the first year of
the millennium, 2001, to remind them of the primary importance of world peace


Council of Canadians

502-151 Slater St.
Ottawa ON  K1P 5H3

Tel.: 613-233-2773; 1-800-387-7177 (toll free)
Fax: 613-233-6776
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Maude Barlow

NGO Description: Founded in 1985, The Council is Canada's pre-eminent
citizens' watchdog organization, with over 100,000 members.  Our work
includes safeguarding our social programs, promoting economic justice and
advancing alternatives to corporate-style free trade.


Defence of Canadian Liberty Committee

401- 207 West Hastings St.
Vancouver BC  V6B 1H7

Tel.: 604-872-2128
Fax: 604-872-1504
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Connie Fogal

NGO Description: The Defence of Canadian Liberty Committee is a registered
non profit organization with national support exposing globalization's
destruction of citizen constitutional rights and protections.


Development and Peace

Email: <>

Contact: Ken Whittingham


Eco Justice Committee, Anglican Church of Canada

Tel.: 416-924-9199  ext 219


End the Arms Race

405-825 Granville St
Vancouver BC  V6Z 1K9

Tel.: 604-687-3223
Fax: 604-687-3277
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Jillian Skeet and Peter Coombes



Box 35
Weymouth NS  B0W 3T0

Tel.: 902-837-4980, 902-769-2516
Fax: 902-769-0080
Email: <>


Contact: Jan Slakov and Trudy Bengivenni

NGO Description: Offer assistance to community on environment, health and
education.  We network with other groups to promote environmental
solidarity and support the initiatives of the Clean Nova Scotia Foundation
and the Ecology Action Centre.



via Pomeria 90
Prato PO  I - 59100

Web site: <Http//>

Contact: Davide Caforio

NGO description: Italian NGO concerned with ethical finance, sustainable
development, nonviolence


European Regional of the Humanist International

Email: <>

Contact: Dani Horowitz

NGO Description: The international vision of New Humanism began to express
itself politically following the beginning of the formation of Humanist
Parties in different parts of the world in 1984. In January 1989, in
Florence, Italy, the political parties who supported New Humanism,
subscribed, at a public meeting, to an agreement to create a co-ordinating
body under the banner of the Humanist International. The International
would have the function of collecting and distributing information amongst
member parties; of disseminating humanist thinking and action and of
promoting international solidarity between nations struggling for their
political, economic and social liberation.

Solidarity message: Humanists are all those who struggle against violence
and discrimination, and who propose greater freedom of choice for the human
being. Humanists reject the formal political democracy that prevails in the
world today, which is manipulated by money and which deprives people of
real freedom of choice. Humanists promote human beings and their
fundamental needs as the central value and concern in society with no other
values or priorities imposed above them. This principle has enormous
consequences, particularly at a time and in a system where money is the
central value and everything else is subject to its 'tyranny'.

Amongst the present members of the Humanist International, in addition to
the Humanist Parties in over fifty countries, are the United National
Independence Party of Zambia, the National Democratic Party of Equatorial
Guinea, the Humanist Club of Moscow, and personalities of the Arts,
Sciences and Academia from many countries. Several initiatives and
publications of the HI have been produced in collaboration with
organisations such as the Academy of Science of Russia, the Gorbachov
Foundation, the University La Sapienza in Rome, and many others.


European Youth For(est) Action

Postbus 94115
The Netherlands

Tel.: 31-20-665 7743
Fax: 31-20-692 8757
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Kamila Jelenska

NGO Description: EYFA is a network of European environmental
grassroots-groups striving for more sustainable environmental policy and a
just society, while developing alternative ways of living and working for
these ideals


Father's Day Coalition for Peace

Email: <>

Contact: Randy Kay


Fellowship of Reconciliation - USA

P.O. Box 271
Nyack NY  10960

Tel.: 845-358-4601
Fax: 845-358-4924
Email: <,>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Susanne Wall
Ibrahim Malik Abdil Mu'id Ramey, Coordinator for Disarmament/Racial and
Economic Justice

NGO Description: The Fellowship of Reconciliation seeks to replace
violence, war, racism and economic injustice with nonviolence, peace and
justice. FOR is an interfaith organization committed to active nonviolence
as a transforming way of life and as a means of radical change. We educate,
train, build coalitions, and engage in nonviolent and compassionate actions
locally, nationally, and globally.


Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Russell McOrmond

NGO Description: This volunteer-run, Internet-based communication system is
primarily concerned with Free Speech and Free Software. We host alternative
viewpoints such as alternative transportation, alternative education,
alternative politics and alternative Economics.


Food Not Bombs - Ottawa

Tel.: 727-0188 (Liz)  771-0925 (Adam)

Email: <>, <>


Fredericton Raging Grannies

25 Chippin Court
Fredericton NB  E3B 4S5

Email: <>

Contact: Lorna Drew

NGO Description: In the fall of 1997, when government shenanigans had
generated enough rage to sustain a group, the Fredericton Raging Grannies
was founded, yet one more link in the international chain of Granny groups
(or, as we call them, Gaggles").  The Raging Grannies are groups of women
who write political words to popular songs, and sing them wherever
necessary to raise awareness about social justice in all its many aspects.
Here in Fredericton we have raged in support of gay rights, environmental
and health concerns, poverty, violence, government spending, and the recent
People's Summit in Quebec City.


Friends of Gabriola Island

Email: <>

Contact: Howard Breen


Friends (Quakers) Johannesburg, South Africa


Contact: Rob Thomson


Gerald and Maas

206 St Patrick St.
Ottawa ON  K1N 5K3

Tel.: 613-241-1312

Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

NGO Description: Gerald and Maas is an imprint and atelier of an author and
artist whose work is committed to social justice, art and literature. Open
to the street.


Global Compliance Research Project

1230 St Patrick St.
Victoria BC  V8S 4Y4

Email: <>

Contact: Joan Russow


Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

Box 90083
Gainesville FL  32607

Tel.: 352-337-9274
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Bruce Gagnon


Global Resource Action Center for the Environment

915-15 East 26th Street
New York NY  10010

Tel.: 212-726-9161
Fax: 212-726-9160
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Alice Slater


Green Party of Canada - Ottawa Chapter

PO Box 64004, Holland Cross RPO
Ottawa ON  K1Y 4V1

Tel.: 798-0443

Contact: Chris Bradshaw


Green Party of Ontario

Office Manager and Coordinator: Cheryl Veary
244 Gerrard St East
Toronto ON  M5A 2G2

Tel.: 416-929-2397; 1-888-6GREEN6
Fax: 416-929-7709
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Frank de Jong

NGO Description: The Green Party's ten key values are: ecological wisdom,
social justice, grassroots democracy, nonviolence, decentralisation,
community-based economics, feminism, respect for diversity, personal and
global responsibility and future sustainability.


Guideposts for a Sustainable Future

PO Box 374
Merrickville ON  K0G 1N0

Tel.: 1-613-269-3500
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Mike Nickerson

NGO Description: Guideposts for a Sustainable Future is dedicated to helping
understand the challenge of sustainability.

Solidarity Message: The challenge of making human culture sustainable is
too critical to waste creativity and resources on producing large
quantities of weapons.  Let alone the insanity of move rapidly backwards by
using them.


Hamilton Action for Social Change

Email: <>

Contact: Randy Kay


Homes not Bombs - Toronto

Tel.: 416-651-4514
Email: <>

Contact: Matthew Behrens


Humanist Association of Ottawa

Tel.: 613-738-7720
Fax: 613-738-1462
Web site: <Http//>

Contact: Sheila Ayala

NGO description: Humanism is a non-religious value system dedicated to the
betterment of society through the use of reason, compassion, ethics and
science.  Humanists do not believe in any deities and is an alternative to
religion.  Monthly meetings and social functions.


Illinois Peace Action

202 S. State Street, Suite 1500
Chicago IL  60604

Email: <>

Contact: Kevin J. Kintner


Industrial Workers of the World - Ottawa-Outaouais

701-151 Parkdale Avenue
Ottawa ON  K1Y 4V8

Tel.: 613-729-8328
Email: <,>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Peter Timusk and Mathieu Brûlé


International Institute of Concern for Public Health

326-517 College Street
Toronto   M6G 4A2

Tel.: 416-929-9808
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Marion Odell

NGO Description: The International Institute of Concern for Public Concern
- IICPH is a Canadian-based nonprofit organization dedicated to helping
communities assess and improve their environmental health status.


International Society for Peace and Human Rights

1505-8210 111th St
Edmonton AB  T6G 2C7

Tel.: 780-434-5750
Email: <>

Contact: Lynn Foster


International Volunteers for Peace


Email: <>

Contact: Rita Sofea

NGO Description: IVP was set up in 1988 and is the Australian contact for
Service Civil International, an organisation established in 1920 to offer
alternatives to military service.


Island Catholic News

PO Box 5721
Victoria BC  V8R 6S8

Tel.: 250-920-0233
Fax: 250-920-0262
Email: <>
Web site: <http//:http:/>

Contact: Marnie Butler


Jesuit Centre for Social Faith and Justice

122 Sackville St.
Toronto ON  M5A 3E7

Tel.: 603-0052  416-507-9916
Email: <>

Contact: Fr. Richard S. Soo, SJ


Jonah House

1301 Moreland Ave.
Baltimore MD  21216

Email: <>

Contact: Liz McAlister

NGO Description: This faith-based community in its 28th year is committed
to nonviolent resistance to militarism and greed.  We have been arrested
repeatedly for this resistance and know well the insides of prisons and the
need for a solid community base.


Kashmiri-Canadian Council

44516-2376 Eglinton Ave E
Scarborough ON  M1K 5K3

Tel.: 416-282-6933   416-293-2608
Fax: 416 282-7488
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Mushtaq A. Jeelani

NGO Description: The KCC publicises the tragedy of Indian-occupied Kashmir,
to uphold and defend the human rights in Jammu and Kashmir; and raise
awareness of the Kashmiri struggle for their right of self-determination as
enshrined in the UN resolutions of 1948 and 1949.


Kingston Action Network


Contact: Marijana Matovic

NGO description: KAN is a coalition of individuals and organizations
committed to working for social justice and equity in public policy. KAN
supports Canada's traditional services, universal health care, free public
education, and public transit system. KAN defends the rights of women,
minorities, the homeless, and people with special needs.


Latin American Circle for International Studies

Mexico City 

Email: <>

Contact: Luis Gutierrez


Le Centre de Ressources sur la Non-Violence

6648 rue St-Denis
Montréal QC  H2S 2R9

Tel.: 514-272-5012
Fax: 514-272-5163
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Sylvain Beaudet

NGO Description: Our priority is to promote non-violence as a way of life
and also in a broader socio-political context.  We have a library of about
4,000 books, many periodicals and much documentation.  We focus on peace &
disarmament, conflict resolution, aboriginal issues and international

Solidarity Message: The Centre de Ressources sur la Non-Violence is happy
to support the "No to NATO: Festival of creative Nonviolence."  NATO was
created at the time of the Cold War.  The Cold War is long gone past.  To
continue to promote this military alliance doesn't make sense.  It is time
it is disbanded.  October 6 reminds us of this.

The day of action is more in the spirit of the decade we are now in, to
create a culture of peace and non-violence.  This is the kind of activity
that should be promoted, not war.

We wish the festival much success.

Gerry Pascal and Jacques Boucher, on behalf of the Centre de Ressources sur
la Non-Violence

Les Soeurs du Sacré-Coeur de Jesus

 23-665 Hochelaga St
Ottawa ON  K1K 2E8

Tel.: 745-5816  742-8983 <----  237-6607
Fax: 232-0384

Contact: Sr. Hélène LeBrun


Lethbridge Network for Peace

1002 - 15 St. South
Lethbridge AB  T1K 1V3

Tel.: 403-328-1066
Email: <>

Contact: Anne Williams

NGO Description: The Lethbridge Network for Peace is a Southern Alberta
organization involved in education and advocacy for peace, common security,
nuclear disarmament, and environmentally sustainable development.


Ligue Anti-Impérialiste de Belgique


Email: <>

Contact: Michel Collon


Les Artistes pour la Paix

CP 867 Succ C
Montréal QC  H2L 4L6

Tel.: 514-527-2020
Fax: 514-284-2000

Contact: Paul Klopstock


M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

Christian Brothers University
650 East Parkway South
Memphis TN  38104

Tel.: 901-452-2824  901-327-0045 (h)
Fax: 901-452-2775
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Arun Gandhi

NGO Description: The Institute's programs are aimed at conflict prevention,
anger management, diversity training, and relationship- and
community-building.  The Gandhi's also travel around the world speaking
about nonviolence.


MakePeace International

3044 Bloor St. West, Suite 271
Toronto ON  M8X 2Y8

Tel.: 416-931-0705

Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Kathryn Graham

NGO Description: MakePeace International is a creative agency that engages
the power of the arts to promote peace and human rights. Our mission is to
stimulate thought and action on behalf of the persecuted.

Solidarity Message: Whether it is film, drama, music, or poetry, art
speaks to the deepest part of our soul. For this reason, MakePeace
International embraces the arts and the "NO to NATO Festival of Creative
NonViolence" in order to accomplish our mission which is the pursuit of
peace and justice.


Mama Terra / For Mother Earth-Romania

A.Obregia 5/R14/69, RO-75571

Tel.: 40-92-349522  40-1-6842145

Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Aurel Duta


Mauritius Action for Disarmament and Peace


Tel.: (230) 453 90 37
Email: <>

Contact: Soodhakur Ramlallah

NGO Description: MADAP was formed in 1986 to fight for the preservation of
peace in the Indian ocean and the return of the island of Diego Garcia back
to Mauritius.  The Americans have built a military base on the island.


Montreal Raging Grannies

Email: <> <>

Contact: Joan Hadrill

NGO Description: These Grandmothers squawk, we don't sit on the shelf while
there's so much work to be done: anti-globalization, fair trade, climate
change, Native concerns,Peace and nuclear-disarmament.


Nanoose Expropriation Objectors

Email: <>

Contact: Roger Lagasse


National Union of Public and General Employees

15 Auriga Dr
Nepean ON  K2E 1B7

Tel.: 228-9800
Fax: 228-9801
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Jim Clancy

NGO Description: The National Union of Public and General Employees is
comprised of 14 independent unions. The second largest union in Canada, our
325,000 members work in both the public and private sectors


Nepean Outreach to the World

2 Peace Way
Nepean ON  K2R 1E3

Tel.: 591-6314
Email: <>

Contact: Desmond Garvey


New Democratic Party - Canada

Email: <>

NGO Description: New Democrats seek fundamental change.  We will apply the
resources of government and the strength of cooperation and community to
advance our society toward the goals of equality, social justice and


Nicaragua-United States Friendship Office

Washington DC

Email: <>

Contact: Rita Clark


NS PIRG - Dalhousie University

6136 University Ave
Room 314 Student Union Bldg
Halifax NS  B3H 4J2

Tel.: 902-494-6662  905-422-5463 (DC)?
Fax: 902-494-6662
Email: <,>

Contact: Janet Burt-Gerrans


Nuclear Free Philippines Coalition

31 Dao Street, Mapayapa Village III
Quezon City 

Tel.: 63-2-931-1153
Email: <>

Contact: Corazon Fabros



P.O. Box 649
Luck WI  54853

Tel.: 715-472-4185
Fax: 715-472-4184
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Dan Miner-Nordstrom

NGO Description: A Wisconsin-based peace action group dedicated to
abolishing militarism and weapons of mass destruction, nonviolently
bringing critical attention to the politics and dangers of nuclear weapons,
power, and waste.


Objection de conscience / Voices of Conscience

6872 16e Ave
Montréal QC  H1X 2T4

Tel.: 514-722-5538
Email: <,>

Contact: Marc Azar and Raymond Legault

Solidarity Message: On behalf of Objection de conscience / Voices of
Conscience, we are happy to add our voice to the concert of the 100 or so
organisations who are officially endorsing your "No to NATO: Festival of
Creative Nonviolence".

As activists working to expose the ongoing war of sanctions and bombings
against Iraq, to present the resulting suffering of the Iraqi people, and
to denounce the total hypocrisy of the stated motivations behind this
policy, we fully share your goal of opposing the criminal actions and
violent policies of NATO and to hold NATO accountable for its violations of
international law.  Even more importantly, we appreciate that COAT's work
focuses on raising Canadian awareness as to THEIR OWN COUNTRY's
participation in the machinery of violence aimed at imposing a new world
order everywhere on this planet.  In our work to end the sanctions against
Iraq, we have also come to the realisation that Canadian policy on this
issue is among the worst world-wide.  While Canada, as a country, claims to
espouse a culture of peace, it is merely using the legitimate longings of
its people for peace to cover up some very aggressive policies.

In conclusion, we would like to say that our chosen course of action is
non-violent.  Thus we certainly agree that "non-violence is a powerful
medium of expression, an age-old tradition and an effective process for
cultural change".  However, non-violence, as such, is not a founding
principle of our group.  We have never held an internal debate to decide on
non-violence being 'the only way' in all circumstances, and we know that
individual opinions vary within our ranks on this matter. Some of our
members strongly believe that the right to self-defence -- which may entail
the use of violence -- should be recognized not only at the individual, but
also at the collective level.

This being said, our group wholeheartedly supports your work and the coming

In solidarity,
Raymond Legault,
For the Executive Committee of OCVC


Ontario Public Interest Research Group - Carleton

1125 Colonel By Dr Unicentre Rm 326
Ottawa ON  K1S 5B6

Tel.: 520-2757
Fax: 520-3989
Email: <>

Contact: Karen Hawley


Ontario Public Interest Research Group - McMaster

1280 Main St W
McMaster University, PO Box 1013
Hamilton ON  L8S 4L8

Tel.: 905-525-9140 ext 27289
Fax: 905-523-0107
Email: <,>

Contact: Randy Kay


Ontario Public Interest Research Group - Ottawa

631 King Edward Ave (third floor)
Ottawa ON  K1N 7N8

Tel.: 230-3076
Fax: 230-4830
Email: <,>

Contact: Mélissa Compain

NGO Description: Ontario Public Interest Research Group -OPIRG- at the
University of Ottawa is a bilingual, non-profit, student-based,
student-funded, and student run organization dedicated to education and
action in the areas of social justice, the environment and health.


Ontario Public Interest Research Group - Windsor

University of Windsor
458 Sunset Ave.
Windsor ON  N9B 3P4

Tel.: 519-253-3000 ext. 3872
Fax: 519-561-1401
Email: <>

Contact: Jim Davies


Ottawa Centre NDP

Email: <>

Contact: Heather-jane Robertson


Ottawa Cuba Connections

Contact: Jordan Bishop


Peace & Disarmament Working Group/Social Responsibility Cttee., First
Unitarian Congregation, Ottawa.

Tel.: 613-225-7216
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Dan Morrison

NGO Description: Keep contact/participate with/in larger groups/local
events; Bring P&D issues/events to the attention of the congregation;
Sponsor congregational activities such as letter writing, speakers,
slide-shows, pot-lucks.


Peace Alliance Winnipeg

745 Westminster Ave
Winnipeg MB  R3G 1A5

Tel.: 204-586-7824
Email: <>

Contact: Darrell Rankin, Doreen Plowman and Karen Schlichting

NGO Description: Our purpose is to mobilize public opinion in support of
peace, disarmament and social justice. Aside from our own activities, we
support the initiatives of the Canadian Peace Alliance and other groups.


Peace and Environment Resource Centre

PO Box 4075  Stn E
Ottawa ON  K1S 5B1

Tel.: 230-4590
Fax: 230-3608
Email: <>

Contact: Margaret Jensen


Peaceful Parks Coalition

P.O. Box 326 Station B
Toronto ON  M5T 2W2

Tel.: 416-537-3212
Email: <>

Contact: AnnaMaria Valastro

NGO Description: The Peaceful Parks Coalition is a citizens coalition that
works towards preserving the ecological integrity of Ontario's wild spaces.
We promote a holistic worldview of wildlife and the natural environment.



4591 Ave du Parc
Montreal QC  H2V 4E4

Tel.: 514-842-0898  514-398-7432
Fax: 514-398-8976
Email: <> <>

Contact: Eric Abitbol

NGO Description: We are a conflict transformation and social justice
publishing group. Our  latest publication is "Rites of Peace: Responding to
the Rights of Children in Armed Conflict"


Physicians for Global Survival (Canada)

 208-145 Spruce St
Ottawa ON  K1R 6P1

Tel.: 233-1982
Fax: 233-9028
Web site: <Http//>

Contact: Debbie Grisdale


Project Peacemakers

745 Westminster Ave
Winnipeg MB  R3G 1A5

Tel.: 204-775-8178
Fax: 204-784-1339
Email: <>

Contact: Jennifer Wusche and Allyson Watts

NGO Description: An affiliate of Project Ploughshares, we work for peace
from a faith perspective to motivate and educate ourselves and our
community. Our faith calls us to action for peace, against violence and
greed (especially its globalized corporate form).


Project Ploughshares - Edmonton

PO Box 52015
Edmonton AB  T6G 2T5

Tel.: 780-988-4924
Fax: 780-437-2925
Email: <>

Contact: Tom Keating and Bill Stollery


Project Ploughshares - Fraser Valley

20997 40th Ave
Langley BC  V3A 8N9

Tel.: 604-888-3192
Fax: 604-530-3113
Email: <>

Contact: Henry Krause


Project Ploughshares - Saskatoon

308 1st St W
Delisle SK  S0L 0P0

Tel.: 306-493-2288
Email: <>

Contact: Rev. Jeanette Liberty-Duns


Project Ploughshares Niagara

Email: <>

Contact: Timothy Healey


Quebec Public Interest Research Group - McGill

Email: <>

Contact: James Yap


Raging Grannies - Ottawa

Ottawa ON

Tel.: 234-2581 (AN) or 746 0129 (VC)

Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Alma Norman and Virginia Cameron

NGO Description: The Raging Grannies are older women whose satirical songs
show that humour can be a devastatingly effective weapon in the struggle
against war, social injustice-, environmental degradation and other evils
of our time


Raging Grannies Saskatoon

Email: <>

Contact: Jeanette Liberty-Duns


Rainforest Raging Grannies - Vancouver

Email: <>

Contact: Joyce Lydiard


Science for Peace

Email: <>

Contact: Mel Watkins


Serbian Heritage Society

2447 Wyndale Cres
Ottawa ON  K1H 8J2

Tel.: 731-3704

Email: <>

Contact: Radmila Swann


Sierra Club of Canada

Email: <>


Sierra Youth Coalition

Tel.: 241-1615
Email: <>

Contact: Karen Gorahi


Social Justice Committee of Montreal

1857 deMaisonneuve ouest
Montreal QC  H3H 1J9

Tel.: 514-933-6797
Email: <>
Web site: <http//> < http//>

NGO Description: Working for poverty reduction & respect for human rights
since 1975. Urgent Action Network on rights in Central America, Mexico.
Global economic justice education and advocacy.  Upstream Journal
newsletter, educational resources.


Social Justice Ministry Group at First United Church

Email: <>

Contact: Sharon Moon


St. Clare's Multifaith Housing Society

194 Crawford Street
Toronto ON  M6J 2V6

Tel.: 416-703-6373

Email: <>

Contact: Brian Burch

NGO Description: St. Clare's is a body, rooted in Toronto Action for Social
Change, that is involved in the conversion of an office building in
downtown Toronto into 51 units of transitional housing.


Students for a Free Tibet - Canada

4468 West 1st Ave
Vancouver BC  V6R 4J4

Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Kate Woznow

NGO Description: Our organization works in solidarity with the Tibetan
people in their non-violent movement for an independent Tibet.  We are made
up mostly of students accross Canada, USA, Japan, India and throughout the


Sunshine Coast Peace Group

Web site: <>


The Atomic Mirror

P.O. Box 220
Port Hueneme CA  93044

Tel.: 805 985 5073
Fax: 805 985 7563
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Pamela Meidell

NGO Description: AM aims to reflect truths of our nuclear era and transform
them through creativity and the arts. We hope to create a nuclear-free
world, turning our understanding of human security from a reliance on
nuclear weapons to a sustainable relationship with all life.


The Centre for Peace in the Balkans

PO Box 1500-1292
Toronto ON  M9C 4V5

Tel.: 416-201-9729
Fax: 416-201-7397
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Natalia Dzel

NGO Description: Organization striving to encourage the cessation of
hostilities and the promotion of a peaceful and long-term diplomatic
solution to the current crisis in the region.


The Clare Community Health Board, Nova Scotia

Email: <>

Contact: Trudy Bengivenni


The Nuclear Resister

PO Box 43383
Tucson AZ  85733

Tel.: 602-323-8697

Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Jack and Felice Cohen-Joppa

NGO Description: The NR is a clearinghouse for information about
contemporary nonviolent resistance to war and the nuclear threat.  It
chronicles arrests for civil resistance in North America, has international
reports, and encourages support for imprisoned resisters.


Third World Forum

2639 McCallum Avenue
Regina SK  S4S 0A2

Email: <>

Contact: Dr. Shreesh Juyal


Toronto Action for Social Change

509 St Clair Ave W
PO Box 73620
Toronto ON  M6C 1C0

Tel.: 416-651-4514
Email: <>

Contact: Matthew Behrens


Urgent Action Fund/The Balkan Gender Intitiative, Rights & Democracy

1001 boul. de Maisonneuve Est, Bureau 1100
Montréal QC  H2L 4P9

Tel.: 514-283-6073
Fax: 514-283-3792
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Ariane Brunet


Vancouver Island Earth Works Society

209-576 Simcoe St
Victoria BC  V8V 1L8

Tel.: 250-383-5765
Email: <>

Contact: Doug Koch

NGO Description: VIEWS' mandate is to nurture participatory democracy, and
help empower individuals and develop community culture. VIEWS works with
groups and individuals to focus public awareness on positive action and
solutions to community issues.


Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group

University of Victoria
Student Union Bldg Rm 144 Box 3035
Victoria BC  V8W 3R3

Tel.: 250-721-8629
Fax: 604-721-8728
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Stacey Chappel

NGO Description: VIPIRG is a student-lead non profit organization dedicated
to social and environmental justice.  This year, we are holding a major
conference, Sept.27-29, on Resisting Global Militarism. We produces a zine
"Re:Action" and a biweekly radio show on CFUV FM.


Veterans Against Nuclear Arms

Tel.: 604-985-7147
Email: <>

Contact: David Morgan

NGO Description: Formed in 1982, Veterans Against Nuclear Arms with 300
members across Canada works for the abolition of N-weapons and for the rule
of international law under the UN.


Veterans Against Nuclear Arms - Manitoba

Box 85
Victoria Beach MB  R0E 2C0

NGO Description: VANA - Manitoba is a group of WW II veterans. Although in
our late 70s or older we support peace groups in many ways and have brought
two large exhibits on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to Winnipeg in the last two
years to which thousands, including many young people, have seen in malls
and libraries.


Victoria Raging Grannies

Email: <>

Contact: Betty Brightwell

NGO Description: Raging Grannies began in Victoria BC in 1986 in opposition
to American nuclear warship visits to Victoria and to Nanoose.   Our
protests then and now are always creative, and of course, absolutely

Solidarity Message: Victoria Raging Granny's specific opposition to NATO
centres around the fact that it is under NATO and NORAD treaties that US
nuclear submarines are allowed to go to Nanoose Bay, BC to test their
weapon guidance systems, and to Victoria and Halifax for rest and
recreation.  As well, Intercontinental Ballistic submarines (ICBM's)
regularly cruise past Victoria  through the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and
have been known to cruise the inland passage to reach Nanoose Bay.

Here's a song we love to sing.  It's called ATOMIC SUBMARINE and is sung to
the Beatles famous tune:  "Yellow Submarine"

In the town where we reside
There are certain things we like to hide
Yes, our harbour's very quaint
But at times it seems like what it ain't

All the tourists walk around
Thinking this is such a pretty town
It's so clean and safe and pure
Nothing dangerous, that's for sure


BUT . . . what about those atomic submarines,
Atomic submarines, atomic submarines?
What about those atomic submarines?
Atomic submarines, atomic submarines?

Politicians like to say
"We'll look into this right away
Nukes are not our favourite toys,
But we can't offend the other boys.

"Ladies, please don't be alarmed,
We can guarantee you won't be harmed
Now let's smile like we agree
For our photo opportunity.

BUT . . . . what about those atomic submarines
Atomic submarines, atomic submarines?
What about those atomic submarines?
Atomic submarines, atomic submarines?


Voices in the Wilderness

1460 West Carmen Ave
Chicago IL  60640

Tel.: 773-784-8065
Fax: 773-784-8837
Email: <> <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Kathy Kelly and Rick McDowell

Solidarity Message: We don't know how to make people hate each other less
in our troubled world.  But ordinary Iraqi people have taught us
extraordinary lessons about forgiveness.  Despite the constant economic and
military war the US wages against them, ordinary Iraqis befriend us each
time we visit. Their welcomes embolden our pleas to all who promote hatred
and fear of others: seek instead the further invention of nonviolence.
Just one percent of the US annual military budget could fund vitally needed
peacemaking efforts in any conflict spot on earth.  Eventually, such
peacemaking would render NATO superfluous.  We live in the country that has
developed, sold, stored and used more weapons of mass destruction than any
other country. As we remain opposed to all weaponry, including  economic
sanctions, we gladly celebrate your festival of nonviolence.  Many thanks!


Washington Peace Center

1801 Columbia Road NW, Suite 104
Washington DC  20009

Tel.: 202-234-2000
Fax: 202-234-7064
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Maria Lya Ramos

NGO Description: A nonprofit, multi-issue peace and justice organization
committed to nonviolence social change.  The Peace Center serves as a
clearinghouse and resource center and has provided peace education and
action in the D.C. metro area since 1963.


Women's International League for Peace and Freedom - Canada

4020 Lion's Ave
North Vancouver BC  V7R 3S3

Tel.: 604-980-8306
Fax: 604-980-8306
Email: <>

Contact: Joyce Lydiard


Woodstock Raging Grannies

11 Cedar Street
Ingersoll ON  N5C 1A8

Tel.: 519-425-4355
Email: <>
Web site: <http//>

Contact: Cathy Hamel


Youth Action Network

51 Wolseley Street, Second Floor
Toronto ON  M5T 1A4

Tel.: 416-368-2277  1-800-718-LINK
Fax: 416-368-8354
Email: <>
Web site: <> <http//>

Contact: Tia Dafnos

NGO Description: Youth Action Network / Réseau d'action jeunesse (YAN) is a
youth-run national, charitable organization with a mission is to inform and
motivate young people to take action on social and environmental justice
issues that concern them.

Solidarity Message: When governments, military regimes, and individuals in
power under the guise of "national security" take advantage of their
untrammeled access to military machinery and arms, scores of innocent
people fall victim to such plays of force and statecraft.  "Defense" is a
flimsy excuse for the right to bomb innocent towns and factories.
"Defense" is not a right to respond to violence with even more violence.
Youth Action Network/Réseau d'action jeunesse (YAN) would like to express
its strongest condemnation to the use of arms against innocent children and
women, civilians, and oppressed peoples everywhere.  It is false to believe
that this is a solution to the world's many conflicts.  As we come together
celebrate nonviolence in Ottawa today, YAN hopes that this tremendous show
of solidarity and commitment to peace by NGOs all over the world will, once
and for all, be matched by those we entrust with the right to leadership.
By recognising that non-violence is the only way forward, let us finally
begin building the peace that we all seek.  With that end, YAN would like
to re-affirm its commitment to building a culture of peace and non-violence.


Zero Tolerance Network

172 Henderson Ave
Ottawa ON  K1N 7P6

Tel.: 235-2698 (Ann)  565-6832 (Zia)
Fax: 235-6028
Email: <>

Contact: Ann Van Regan

NGO Description: This small group supports people who have been abused by
professionals. We offer telephone support, referrals, appointment
accompaniment and guidance concerning the remedies for these situations


Please Note:
The data on this list is compiled from information forwarded to the
Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade by the endorsing organizations.
Although NGOs were invited to provide contact information, a description of
their organization and a solidarity message, not all of them did.  If your
organization is listed here and you would like to fill in some missing
data, please forward the information to Richard Sanders at <>
We will try to post an updated list soon.  Please accept my apologies if we
have somehow forgotten to list any NGOs or to include data that was
provided to us.