Summary of "Munitions List" Category 2-12:

2-12. High velocity kinetic energy weapon systems and related equipment, as follows, and specially designed components therefor:

a. Kinetic energy weapon systems specially designed for destruction or effecting mission-abort of a target;

b. Specially designed test and evaluation facilities and test models, including diagnostic instrumentation and targets, for dynamic testing of kinetic energy projectiles and systems.


For weapon systems using sub-calibre ammunition or employing solely chemical propulsion, and ammunition therefor, see Items 2-1. to 2-4.

Note 1:

2-12. includes the following when specially designed for kinetic energy weapon systems:

a. Launch propulsion systems capable of accelerating masses larger than 0.1 g to velocities in excess of 1.6 km/s, in single or rapid fire modes;

b. Prime power generation, electric armour, energy storage, thermal management, conditioning, switching or fuel-handling equipment; and electrical interfaces between power supply, gun and other turret electric drive functions;

c. Target acquisition, tracking, fire control or damage assessment systems;

d. Homing seeker, guidance or divert propulsion (lateral acceleration) systems for projectiles.

Note 2:

2-12. controls weapon systems using any of the following methods of propulsion:

a. Electromagnetic;

b. Electrothermal;

c. Plasma;

d. Light gas; or

e. Chemical (when used in combination with any of the above).