Resources on Human Rights

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights - Morocco

Human Rights Watch - Morocco        (HRW 2010 Report)
Amnesty International - Morocco/Western Sahara
  (AI 2010 Report)

Alkarama for Human Rights - Morocco
International Freedom of Expression Exchange - Morocco

Non-Governmental Organisations

Association Marocaine des Droits de l'Homme 
Derechos organisation 

Human Rights in Morocco
Human Rights in Western Sahara (Wikipedia)

Morocco - Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery
Morocco - Child Prostitution

(Prof. Martin Patt, Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts)

Annual Survey of Violations of Trade Union Rights

International Confederation of Free Trade Unions)
See COAT tables detailing:

Canadian Military Exports to Morocco

Canadian Small Arms
 Exports to Morocco

Compiled by
Coalition to
Oppose the

"Canadian Small Arms Exports
to the Middle East/North Africa

Military Exports
to the Middle East

and North Africa