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Small Arms
to Egypt

See "Source Notes" below, regarding the incompleteness of this data.

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Weapons Type

Value ($US) Weight (kg) Units
1995 Parts & Accessories 4,720

1995 Rifles/Shotguns - Sport 2,186
1995 Small Arms Ammunition 28,135

1996 Parts & Accessories 34,531 277
1997 Small Arms Ammunition 10,832

1999 Parts & Accessories 9,260

1999 Small Arms Ammunition 29,261

2000 Parts & Accessories 8,654

2001 Parts & Accessories 4,870

2001 Parts & Accessories 6,107

2001 Small Arms Ammunition 24,279

2002 Small Arms Ammunition 82,443 6,879
2003 Small Arms Ammunition 41,985 2,583
2004 Ammunition, Explosives & Missiles 183,129 3,079
2004 Small Arms Ammunition 20,084 1,173
2005 Parts & Accessories 1,971 10
2005 Small Arms Ammunition 38,314 2,238
2006 Parts & Accessories* 1,330 10
2006 Small Arms Ammunition* 73,095 4,270
2006 Small Arms Ammunition* 2,432 730
2006 Small Arms Ammunition* 494 29
2007 Small Arms Ammunition 103,668 4,173
2008 Rifles/Shotguns - Sport* 5,664
2008 Small Arms Ammunition* 303 10
2009 Parts & Accessories 892 4
2009 Parts & Accessories 718

2009 Rifles/Shotguns - Sport 14,792
2009 Small Arms Ammunition 17,789 518

Definitions: "In general...small arms and light weapons means anything that can be carried up a hill by two adults, or transported on the back of a jeep, and specifically includes the following categories of weapons:
small arms revolvers and self-loading pistols, rifles and carbines, assault rifles, sub-machine guns, and light machine guns; and
light weapons heavy machine guns, hand-held under barrel and mounted grenade launchers, portable anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns, recoilless rifles, portable launchers of anti-tank and anti-aircraft systems, and mortars of less than 100mm calibre."
Haug, M et al.: "Shining a Light on Small Arms Exports: The Record of State Transparency", Small Arms Survey (2002)

* = These products were re-exported to an unknown, "third" country

Information in the above table originates from customs data compiled by the UN Statistics Division (Comtrade database).
This data was accessed by COAT using the NISAT database which is produced by the
Norwegian Initiative on Small Arms Transfers.  For more information on NISAT database, refer to these two sources:
(1) NISAT database public user manual
Haug, M et al.: "Shining a Light on Small Arms Exports: The Record of State Transparency", Small Arms Survey (2002)

Source Notes:
"Many transfers (possibly a majority) of small arms never pass through customs, especially government-to-government transfers that are transported through military or other channels."
Haug, M et al.: "Shining a Light on Small Arms Exports: The Record of State Transparency", Small Arms Survey (2002)

"Even though the majority of the information [in the NISAT database] comes from official government sources, in many cases it is incomplete and only offers a partial snapshot of the global trade in small arms and light weapons."
NISAT database public user manual