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By the time Pearl Harbor was bombed, support for fascism was widespread, especially within large corporations. Some of this was the direct result of IBM President Tom Watson's tenure as president of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). The ICC enthusiastically promoted trade with Nazi Germany. In 1937, the International Chamber of Commerce held its world congress in Berlin, during which Schacht presented Watson with Hitler's medal. Watson later returned the medal, but only after it was clear that war was imminent.

Source: The Nazi Hydra in America, "The Roaring 20s and the Roots of American Fascism"

[During] the 1920s...under the direction of Pa Watson of IBM, the Chamber of Commerce took on a fascist character and was supportive of both Hitler and Mussolini.

The Chamber of Commerce was the author of the 1934 report, "Combating Subversion Activities in the United States." This report that became the blueprint for the repression of the left in the 1950s and the McCarthy era. The report demanded the passage of an anti-subversive legislation, including a sedition law and urged that a special agency within the Justice Department be created to investigate subversive activities with special attention to Communists.

In 1948, the Chamber of Commerce published a pamphlet entitled "Program for Community Anti-Communist Action." This pamphlet contained detailed instruction for developing and maintaining a file system which was nothing more than a blacklist. Such file systems have their roots in nativism and serve as a vital ideological resource for the promoters of corporate America. Such blacklists are common among the various groups that comprise the far right since the end of the war. The Church League and the American Security Council were two of the largest compilers of such blacklists.

Source: The Nazi Hydra in America, "The War Years, The Battle for the Home Front"