Students get Radicalized in Windsor
By Wendell Fields, member of Hamilton Against Poverty

    Between June 4 and 6, a meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS) was held in Windsor. About 2,000 peaceful protesters were met by about 4,000 riot police armed with tear gas and pepper spray. High school students experienced the difference between a culture of peace and a culture of state violence.

    In Windsor, as part of organizing high school students and having them discuss politics from their own point of view, students marched to the various schools and called on fellow students to "Walk Out!" and participate in demonstrations against the OAS.

    One student said she'd learned more in a day than in all her years in school. Students learned that principals will lock the school's doors to keep students from participating in demonstrations. They learned that if you have political discussions during lunch hour, off school grounds, you may be subjected to a lightening assault by a SWAT team, forced to the ground, have your hands tied behind your back and be taken away. They learned what having a different view from the government means. They learned that Ontario is developing into a fascist state. They learned that a father can see his son dragged away right in front of his eyes. And, they learned that, it seems, police do not have to give a reason why.

    At the school where the students were nabbed, police were seen on the school roof. They learned that schools can easily become prisons.

    They learned to chant "What are the Charges!" They also learned to shout "State Terrorism!" and "2-4-6-8, Windsor is a police state!" as they marched to the schools calling on others to "Walk Out!"

    They learned about life in Ontario today. They learned to compare what they have seen to what they are taught in school. I was there. I saw it. I support these youth, these brave, defiant high school students.

    To all high school students, if I could speak to them, I would say: What is your future? Get together and discuss. Organize your own newsletters. You do not need the teacher's, or anyone else's, permission. You have your own views, you have computers and paper, you have access to scanners and other equipment. Tell life from your own point of view, tell what future you want to see, organize to build it. You don't need anyone's permission. You are young human beings in development. Go! Grow! Walk Out!

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