The Carlyle Group

* Ranked 11th largest U.S. Department of Defense contractor with $1.2 billion in contracts during 2000.1

* Described by Industry Standard as 'the world's largest private equity firm,' with over $12 billion under its management.2

* Partners in this mammoth venture include George Soros [the multi-billionaire financier of right-wing NGO's in Eastern Europe and elsewhere] and Fred Malek (George H.W. Bush's campaign manager who was forced to resign when it was revealed he was Nixon's "Jew counter.")2

* In 1990, Carlyle placed George W. Bush on the board of directors of one of its subsidiaries, Caterair, an airline catering company.3

* Carlyle employs [Reagan's] Secretary of State James Baker III [Bush's designated representative in the Florida election scandal] and former British Prime Minister John Major. The firm's advisory board lists such international figures as former President Fidel Ramos of the Philippines and the former prime minister of Thailand.3

* Frank Carlucci, [Reagan's] defense secretary and Carlyle's chairman, met with his former college classmate Donald Rumsfeld, Bush's defense secretary, in February 2001. They spoke about "military matters" although Carlyle has billions of dollars worth of military contracts being considered by the government.3

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