Philip Kienholz
"Richard Sanders' new work in the Spring 2016 issue of Press for Conversion! exposes and dispels the lies that throughout Canada's history justified its wrongdoing. As Sanders shows, these lies, sometimes called 'myths,' hold our minds captive, preventing accurate perception of the conditions of our existence that follow from history.

"To strip away this veil of lies exposes the frailty of the heroes of our immaturity. Not easy work this, either in the writing or reading, but essential in order to understand Canada, and to restore honour to the legacy we leave for coming generations. The impressive compilations of historical research and the insightful writing make this a foundational document for the praiseworthy task."
Philip Kienholz immigrated from Minnesota to Manitoba resisting the Vietnam war. He received a B. Arch from the University of Manitoba in 1970. He resides in Peterborough, Ontario. Philip's book of poems, Display, will be published in fall 2016.