This is an entry from the Sylvia Sanders Memorial Guestbook

Jean Friesen (Usher)

I was very sad to hear of Sylvia’s passing. Thank you for letting me know and for giving all of us a chance to be with you in spirit at the memorial service.

I knew Sylvia in 1971 when she persuaded me to run for the NDP in Carleton East . She took on the huge task of managing a campaign full of young enthusiastic people—loads of energy—but she was one of the few who knew what really needed to be done. I do remember her sitting at all hours in the campaign trailer organizing signs, fund raising and canvasses (this was in the days before phone canvasses) in the rural parts of the riding and in Ottawa. She organized a huge nomination meeting where Stephen Lewis spoke, debates with Bert Lawrence, campaign literature in English and French (unusual in those parts in those days) and dealt with a head office who had suspicions we might all be a bit radical.

She took the vote from 6% to 24%—a testimony to her determination, hard work and inspirational leadership.

I don’t think anyone who worked in that campaign forgot it—many friendships were formed and political ideals shaped and though not everyone remained active campaigners  I know that we remember those days and Sylvia with great affection.

With sympathy and condolences

(Editor's Note: Jean Friesen went on to become Deputy Premier of Manitoba and the NDP won Carleton East in the 1975 election.)