Exhibitors at Secure Canada 2008

The following uses a "Partial Exhibitor List" from the Secure Canada 2008 website.

This list represents only about one third of the eventual number of exhibitors that will showcase their products and services at Secure Canada 2008.

To assist anti-war activists, the web links and codes have been added to identify the exhibitors and to help analyze who they are.

W = Weapons systems
Click the
Ws below to learn about some of many major weapons and weapons-related systems of exhibitors at "Secure Canada 2008."
(This page is under construction. More links to weapons data will continue to be added.)

C = Company                    54 (USA=17, Cda=26, UK=6, Israel=1, Netherlands=1, Denmark=1, Italy=1, ?=1)
A = Association of Companies    5 (USA=2,  Cda=3,  Int=1)
M = Military agency/department  2 (Cda=2)
G = Government                  7 (USA=4,  Cda=2, UK=1)
    total                      68

3M Canada Company                C Cda (Cdn subsidiary of US parent company)

ACA Group of Companies           C Cda (Allan Crawford Associates Ltd.)

AFCEA Ottawa                     A Cda (Cdn subsidiary of US Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Assoc.)

AeroVironment, Inc.              W C USA

AMCHAM Canada                    A USA (Cdn subsidiary of American Chamber of Commerce in Canada)

Anvil Technologies                           C Cda

AUTOCLEAR                        C USA

AUVSI Canada                     A Cda (Cdn subsidiary of US Assoc. for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International)

AUVSI International              A Int (Cdn subsidiary of US Assoc. for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International)

Avon Barrier Company             C UK

Boeing Aerospace                 W C USA

CAE                              W C Cda

CCUVS                            C Cda (Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems)

Canadian Defence Review          C Cda (magazine)

Canada Command                   W M Cda

Commissionaires                  C Cda

CGD                              G Cda (Controlled Goods Directorate - Industrial Security Programs)

Cunning Running Software         C UK

Defence R&D Canada               W M Cda

Delta Information Systems        C USA

Dessau (Elytra)                  C Cda

DBHS Security Consulting         C Cda

Drugloo (UK)                     C UK

EJ Brooks                                    C USA

Elbit                            W C Israel

Electric Strategies              C Cda (military trade show organizer)

ESRI Canada                      C Cda (Cdn subsidiary of US parent company)

Ezenia                           C USA

Frontline Security               C Cda (magazine)

General Atomics                  W C USA

General Dynamics Canada          W C Cda (Cdn subsidiary of US parent company)

GE Security, Homeland Protection C USA (GE = General Electric)

Green Hills Software             W C USA

Harris Canada, Inc.              W C Cda (Cdn subsidiary of US parent company)

ICTS Europe                      C Netherlands (International Consultants on Targeted Security)

Impath Networks                  C Cda

ING Engineering Inc.             C Cda       

Kaliber                          C UK

L-3 MAS                          C Cda (Cdn subsidiary of US parent company)

L-3 WESCAM                       C Cda (Cdn subsidiary of US parent company)

Meggitt                          W C UK

M/A-COM Tyco Electronics         W C USA

MDA                              W C Cda (MacDonald, Dettwiler and Assoc.)

Microhard Corporation            C Cda

Motorola                         C USA

National Case Co. Inc.           C Cda

NDIA                             W A USA (National Defense Industrial Assoc.)

NEPTEC Design Group              C Cda

Plextek                          C UK

Portsmouth Aviation Ltd.         C UK

PWGSC                            G Cda (Public Works and Government Services Canada)

REDCOM                           C USA

Selex                            C Italy                         

SolaCom Technologies             C Cda

State of North Carolina          G USA

State of Tennessee               G USA

St. Lawrence County IDA          G USA (IDA=Industrial Development Agency)

Systematic Software Engineering  C Denmark

Sun Microsystems                 C USA

Tactical & Survival Specialties  W C USA

Technopole Defense and Security  C USA

The Armour Seat                  C ???

UK Trade and Investment          G UK

U.S. Commercial Service          G USA

Valcom Consulting Group          C Cda

Valcom Manufacturing Group       C Cda

Vanguard Magazine                C Cda (magazine)

Versalogic                       C USA

Women in Defence and Security    A Cda

XACORE Ltd.                      C US


The Role of "Secure Canada 2008" Exhibitors in
America's Major Defense Acquisition Programs
The Pentagonís 2009 Budget Request Summary Justification. Of particular interest is the 65-page section in this document summarizing DoD's request for the $184 billion it wants for "Major Weapons Systems."

The "highest profile" of these programs, i.e., the most expensive of these Major Weapons Systems are "designated as Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAP)."

Among the 42 known exhibitors planning to show their stuff at "Secure Canada 2008" there are at least nine companies that are involved in one or more of these top MDAPs:
Boeing, CAE, Elbit Systems, General Atomics, General Dynamics Canada, Green Hill Systems, M/A-COM Tyco Electronics, Meggitt, and Sun Microsystems.

In fact, only five of the Top 25 MDAPs do not seem to have any participation by the exhibitors that we know are planning to attend "Secure Canada 2008." For details, see "The Role of 'Secure Canada 2008' Exhibitors in America's MDAPs."

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