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Front Cover and Acknowledgements

Debunking the Myths of “Missile Defense”
Ballistic Missile Defense: Where does Paul Martin stand?

Theater Missile Defense: The Cutting Edge of BMD

DRS Technologies Canada Inc
Naval Star Gazing: The Many Myths of Sirius
Billions More for New Canadian Warships

The Sword and the Shield.
U.S. using AEGIS to draw Allied Navies into BMD
The Myth of Canada’s Military Tragicomedy

ITS Electronics Inc.

Lockheed Martin Canada Ltd.
Martin Munro, General Manager, Lockheed Martin Canada
LM Canada’s $43-M Contract for Canada’s next Census
Lockheed Martin: Fox in the Hen House
Aegis was the Deadly Shield of the Rapacious God, Zeus
Athena’s Costly Aegis Shield made War “sweeter than returning home”
Lockheed Martin Helps “the Good Guys” on “Missile Defense”
What Good are Canada’s Multibillion Dollar Frigates?
VISTA’s Scandalous Origins

Meggitt Defence Systems Canada
Formerly known as Schreiner Target Services Canada
The Offensive “Missile Defense” Program is On Target
Industry Canada’s Support for War and BMD
Canadian Commercial Corporation

Telemus Inc.
A Glossary of Radar Terms
Dr. Theodore Postol
Telemus, the Seer who Warned an Enemy of Civilization

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