Conversion Is ...

... a labor issue!

Military industrial conversion is the process of planning ahead to change from capital-intensive, military-related contracts to labor-intensive, civilian contracts.


... an economic justice issue!

Reducing military budgets and supporting the production of socially useful products and services, government resources previously invested in military production can create more jobs and rebuild domestic social programs.


... a peace and human rights issue!

Providing civilian alternatives to military production also has many beneficial spin-offs worldwide. By stopping military exports to countries at war or which are abusing human rights, we are helping those who are struggling for peace, democracy and justice.


... a socio-cultural issue!

Our society is being militarized by a 'bombardment' of cultural products ranging from action films, violent video games and TV programs to war toys, model aircraft building and air shows. It is time we worked actively to build a culture or peace.


... an educational issue!

To build a culture of peace, it is necessary to teach a global perspective on the interconnectedness of human development, peace and the environment. Educating children, the public and ourselves on these issues is a crucial task.


... a psychological issue!

Although, ultimately, we are working to promote social change, this cannot come about without transforming the beliefs, attitudes and perceptions of individuals, including ourselves.


... an environmental issue!

Instead of making military equipment, many military industries could produce much needed environmental technologies to prevent pollution and cleanup the environment.


... a legal issue!

The world is governed by those with the most money and the biggest guns. Government institutions commit crimes against peace and humanity. We need to move from a global system of "might is right" toward one based on respect for international law.