UN Year for a Culture of Peace

Pledge for a Culture of Peace
Preventing the Scourge of War
A New Beginning for a New Millennium

Myth Making and Myth Breaking

In Search of Heroes: Canada's Peacemaker Myth
Establishment Heroes versus Real Heroes in the U.S.
The War Correspondent: Hero or Myth Maker?
Myth or Reality: America is "Number One"!
The World's Only Rogue State

Converting the Symbols and Tools of War

NATO is Guilty as Charged!
Removing the Sword from the Cross
Turning Weapons into Tools and Art in Mozambique
Plowshares vs. Depleted Uranium
The Trial of Depleted Uranium
Citizens Pledge to Disarm Nuclear Subs
Students get Radicalized in Windsor
Remembering Meryl Olsen
Replacing Violence in Youth Entertainment
Resources for Building a Culture of Peace

Challenging War Shows

The National Capital's Carnival of War
Affirming Peace: A Year Against the Hamilton War Show
Festival of Life and the Hamilton War Show
Mourning War Deaths in Winnipeg
Christian Witness at Abbotsford and Toronto
Columbia, Missouri