Historical Context

Origins and Nature of the India-Pakistan Conflict
History of the India-Pakistan Conflict
British India: "Just Rule" or "Divide and Rule"?
Indian Partition and Neo-Colonialism
MKGandhi on Partition
US Role in Pakistan's Military Governments
The Men Behind Yahya in the Indo-Pak War of 1971
Pakistan's "Special Relationship" with the US
Terrorism: Symptom or Disease?
George W Bush on India, Pakistan and "Elected" Dictators

Flashpoint in Kashmir 

The Kashmir Dispute
Differing Agendas of the India-Pakistan Conflict
Human Rights Violations in Kashmir
War is Peace
The Afghan-Kashmir Connection
Shifting the Mujahadeen from Afghanistan to Kashmir
Holy War as Diversion Tactic
India's Politics of Brinkmanship on Kashmir
Will War Bring these Politicians to their Senses?

Nuclear Weapons

On the Brink: Inching Closer to War over Kashmir
Mutual Death Wish
Documentary: "War and Peace"
Economic Threat May Push Pakistan to Use Nuclear Weapons
Preventing the Rise of a "Peer Competitor" in Asia

Weapons Trade

Carving Away at US Arms Controls
US Expands Global Presence
Major Weapons Imported by India and Pakistan (1980-2000)
Canadian Military Companies and Exports to India and Pakistan
Military Deals with India
Canadian Military Exports to India and Pakistan (1990-2000)