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Acknowledgements/Table of Contents
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Unravelling the Tangled Web of
Pretext Stratagems

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1846:   The Mexican-American War
Abraham Lincoln Doubted Polk's Pretext for War
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1898:   The Spanish-American War
What Happened Aboard the USS Maine?
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1915:   World War I
The Sinking of the Lusitania
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1941:   World War II
"Smoking Gun": Provoking the Pearl Harbour Attack
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1950:   The Korean War
South Korea Likely Provoked War with North
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1954:   The Covert War Against Guatemala
Arms Shipments on the Alfhem
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1959:   CIA Plots Soviet Arms Deal with Cuba
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1962:   Plans to Create Pretexts for War with Cuba
Operation Northwoods  Top Secret Documents
Pretexts to Justify Military Intervention in Cuba
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1964:   The Vietnam War
Gulf of Tonkin: The Lie that Launched the War
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1979:   The Covert War in Afghanistan (open in a new window)
1983:   The Invasion of Grenada
Military Exercise Practised the Invasion and Pretext
"Pretext Hostages" Denied they were in Danger
Same Old Recycled Pretext
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1986:   The Bombing the Libya
La Belle Disco: Debunking the "Libya did it" Theory
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1989:   The Invasion of Panama
Provoking the Pretext
Drugs, Noriega and Bush Sr.
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1991:   The Gulf War
Incubator Deaths: A Hill & Knowlton Fabrication
Nayirah and Other "Eyewitnesses"
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1999:   NATO's War Against Yugoslavia
What Happened at 'Racak'?
The Hoax that Started a War
William Walker: CIA Operative?
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2001:   The "War Against Terror"
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2003:   The New Iraq War
UN Resolution as Cover for U.S. War Plans
Iraq calls UN Resolution a Pretext for War
Inspectors fear they'll be used as Triggers for War
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Future: New Covert U.S. Agency
to "Stimulate" Terrorists

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This issue of Press for Conversion! also included the
national newsletter of Veterans Against Nuclear War:
VANA Update
* VANA President’s Message for Update
* Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
* Letters from VANA’s President
* Highlights from VANA Executive Meeting
* A New Bridging Role for Canada
* Short Shots
* Ten Things You Need to Know about Iraq

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