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Curious George asks: Why the "Vitriolic Hatred for America?"
1941-1946, Saudi Arabia: Making of a U.S. Colony
>> The Arabian-American love affair
1941-1951, Iran: America Eyes Anglo Oil 
>> "Running Iran" and Running out the Brits 
1942-1952, Egpyt: Nasser's Nazis and the CIA
Nasser, the "Moslem Billy Graham"
1947-1948, Palestine: The Creation of Israel 
1948-1949, The First Arab-Israeli War 
>> Czech and U.S. Support for Israel 
1949-1958, Syria: Early Covert Actions 
1953, Iran: Replacing Mossadegh with the Shah 
1953-1956, Egypt: Suez Crisis - Britain's Last Gasp 
1957-1958, Lebanon: Send in the Marines 
1958-1963, Iraq: Revolution and the US Response 
>> Kassem the Reformer 
>> Saddam's Early Role as a CIA Hitman 
>> Saddam used CIA Death Lists to Target Leftists 
1961-1966, Algeria: Plotting Against de Gaulle 
1967, Israel: Defeating the Arab s in Six Days 
19691972, Libya: New U.S. Ally, Colonel Qaddafi 
1972-1975, Iraq: The Fine Art of Betraying Kurds 
1976-1983, Lebanon: Another CIA President
>> Bombing Lebanese Villages 
1980-1988, Iran-Iraq: Helping Both Sides Lose
1979-1988, Iraq: Supporting Saddam's War 
1980-1986, Iran: Supporting Khomeini's War 
>> The October Surprise 
>> Iran-Contragate 
1981-1986, Libya: Tweaking Qaddafi's Nose 
>> Qaddafi's Real Sins 
1991, Iraq: It Wasn't a War it was "a Turkey Shoot" 
>> Colin Powell, the Moderate? 
>> Weapons  /  Casualties 
1991-2003, Iraq: The War that Between the Bushes 
2003, Iraq: The Man Who would be King 
>> A Little-Read Book: Quotes from Chairman Garner 

This issue of Press for Conversion! also included the
national newsletter of Veterans Against Nuclear War:
VANA Update
Signs of the Times 
Outrage Spreads in Arab World 
Eminent German Historians Predict U.S. defeat 
Stop the War Now! 
Using UN Resolution 377: "Uniting For Peace" 
Pentagon calls for "usable" N-weapons 
Senate Committee Agrees to Lift Ban on Small-Scale Nukes 
Hyogo Council Against A & H Bombs, Kobe, Japan 
Following the Bombs: Eyewitness in Baghdad 
Military Integration Undermines Canada's Anti-War Position 
Who Says Canada's Not at War? 

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