Please Contact City of Ottawa Councillors and Mayor BEFORE June 24, 2009

Learn more about our Surge for Peace here
(Join us at City Hall for the big vote on June 24)

Whether you live in Ottawa or not, please join this effort to tell Ottawa City Council to stop all future arms exhibitions on City property.

---> New Online Resources You Can Use when Contacting Councillors

If you live in Ottawa, please include your street address in your email message to Councillors.

EMAIL: Tell the Mayor, City Councillors and Staff what you think!
Click above to send a preset message to Mayor O'Brien and Ottawa Councillors.  Clicking the above link should open your email program with a form letter that's all ready to go. You just have to then click "send" or whatever you normally do to send a message. It is better if you modify the subject line and change the text of the email to emphasize your own specific concerns. However, it is also important to flood Councillors with as many emails as possible. So please feel free to just send the form letter by clicking above.

Email your own message to all Councillors:
If you prefer to send your own message, that's great. Please cut and paste the following list of Councillors email addresses into the Bcc: line:

Alex.Cullen@ottawa.ca, Bob.Monette@ottawa.ca, Clive.Doucet@ottawa.ca, Diane.Deans@ottawa.ca, Diane.Holmes@ottawa.ca, Doug.Thompson@ottawa.ca, Eli.El-Chantiry@ottawa.ca, Georges.Bedard@ottawa.ca, Glenn.Brooks@ottawa.ca, Gord.Hunter@ottawa.ca, Jacques.Legendre@ottawa.ca, Jan.Harder@ottawa.ca, Kitchissippi@ottawa.ca, Maria.Mcrae@ottawa.ca, Marianne.Wilkinson@ottawa.ca, Michel.Bellemare@ottawa.ca, Peggy.Feltmate@ottawa.ca, Peter.Hume@ottawa.ca, Rainer.Bloess@ottawa.ca, Rick.Chiarelli@ottawa.ca, Rob.Jellett@ottawa.ca, Shad.Qadri@ottawa.ca, Steve.Desroches@ottawa.ca, overcoat@ncf.ca, Larry.OBrien@ottawa.ca

Do you know your councillor?
If you live in Ottawa, please contact your own Councillor (and then Bcc the Mayor and others).  If you are not sure who your Councillor is, you can use this handy-dandy City map. Just type in your address and it will identify your Councillor!

PETITION: Sign the petition now to "Stop Ottawa's Arms Shows."

Here is a web page listing Ottawa City Councillors, with all of their telephone, fax and email coordinates:

Oppose CANSEC 2009!
Canada's Ottawa-based Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) has been campaigning to expose and oppose CANSEC 2009, Canada's largest military industry trade show. CANSEC 2009 was hosted at a City of Ottawa facility called Lansdowne Park, May 27-28, 2009. Please join us stopping CANSEC and other such arms shows from ever being held on City property again! 

Sign our Online Petition to stop CANSEC
Print a paper petition and collect signatures
Click here to read more about our CAMPAIGN

Read a sample letter from the Ottawa Presbytery of the United Church of Canada

Read other sample letters to City Council