Table 5a:

Canadian Military Companies
"Actively Pursuing" Exports to Israel

Current or past members of the
Canadian Association of
Defence and Security Industries (CADSI)

Canadian Association
of Defence
and Security Industries

(Organizer of CANSEC, Canada's largest military industry trade show)
Main Military Products
and/or Services
Current or
CADSI member
3M Security Systems Division Manufactures biometric equipment and software for military and police use in authenticating individuals, including fingerprint, hand and facial recognition technologies. Ottawa ON Current CADSI member

(parent company)
AirBoss-Defense Manufactures rubber engineered products for tank track repair and overhaul; calendered, extruded and moulded engineered rubber products and personal protective equipment including footwear, handwear and gas masks. Acton Vale QC Current CADSI member CANSEC 2008
Aktelux Corp. Manufactures flat panel displays and avionics for military use including tactical and navigational instruments, radar warning devices, flight management systems, global positioning systems displays and communications systems. Mississauga ON
Past CADSI member
Array Systems Computing Inc. Provides software for military airborne and satellite synthetic aperture radar systems, conventional radar and acoustic signal processing, threat detection, 3-D modelling, mission simulators and team trainers. North York ON Current CADSI member
Brent Packaging & Logistics Ltd. Canada's largest crating company specialises in packaging military equipment for export. Has packaged Heavy Logistic, Light Support and Light Utility Wheeled Vehicles. Mississauga ON Current CADSI member
Canadian Airmotive Ltd. Manufactures and distributes airborne radio navigation equipment as well as heaters, lanyards, cargo restraint straps and safety nets for use aboard military aircraft. Ottawa ON Past CADSI member CANSEC 2008
CaseBank Technologies Inc Manufactures a guided diagnostic software program using real world experience to steer maintenance staff as they troubleshoot the solving of equipment and process problems when repairing military aircraft. Mississauga ON Past CADSI member CANSEC 2008
Ceramic Protection Corporation Manufactures ballistic body armour inserts for military, para-military and police use, as well as ceramic tile, composite manufacture for armoured fighting, land vehicles. Calgary AB Past CADSI member
COLLINEO Inc. Manufactures highly-mobile robots for military applications in urban environments and all-terrain articulated vehicles for remote surveillance, demining and unexploded ordinance operations. Drummondville QC Current CADSI member
Composites Atlantic Limited Manufactures advanced composite components for military use, such as rocket motor cases, nose cones and launch tubes, sonar, antenna masts, umnanned aerial vehicle structures and flying targets. Lunenburg NS Current CADSI member
C-Tech Ltd. Manufactures military sonar and Navy training simulators, circuit boards, electronic sub- assemblies, cylindrical array systems (towed and hull-mounted) and anti-submarine warfare systems. Cornwall ON Current CADSI member
DEW Engineering and Development Limited Refurbishes, upgrades and re-configures fleets of military trucks, light-armored fighting vehicles and tanks. Designs and manufactures military trailers, sub-systems, command post vehicles and shelters. Ottawa ON Current CADSI member CANSEC 2008
Elettra Technology Inc. Custom designed and manufactured internal combustion motors, generators and components for use in military vehicles. Hamilton ON Past CADSI member
Honeywell Designs, manufactures, distributes electrical and integrated electronic components, autopilots, gyroscopes, instrumentation controls for avionics systems and aerospace electric power technologies. Markham ON Past CADSI member CANSEC 2008
ICAN Designs and manufactures high-tech marine navigation and communications software, enhanced GPS infrastructure and provides consulting and project management services for naval forces. Mount Pearl NF Past CADSI member
Imago Machine Vision Inc. Portable fully integrated automatic video target tracker, performing accurate real-time position, velocity measurement and miss-distance calculations. Gatineau QC Past CADSI member
IntelliView Technologies Inc. Produces cutting-edge technology for intelligent video surveillance, video analysis and image processing used by military institutions. Calgary AB Past CADSI member CANSEC 2008
Plant CML Owned by EADS, one of the world's largest weapons companies, CML designs and manufactures secure digital telecommunications switching equipment for military use. Gatineau QC Past CADSI member
Raytheon Canada Limited - Waterloo Facility Develops and manufactures radar, signal processing and data management systems for military applications on land and at sea. Waterloo ON Current CADSI member

(parent company)
ReflectoSphere Division Manufacturer/distributor of army and navy specification paints using proprietary processes for retro-reflective surfaces and specialized design of top quality reflective microspheres. Fergus ON
Past CADSI member
SED Systems - a division of CALIAN Ltd. Engineering and electronics manufacturing including military communications and ground systems, testing and operations support for military-related satellites, including Canada's RADARSAT 1 and 2. Delta BC Current CADSI member CANSEC 2008
SEI Industries Inc. Designs and manufactures structural engineered fabric products for military use including a high-pressure, warplane-refuelling system. Victoria BC Current CADSI member CANSEC 2008
Smiths Detection Manufactures using trace-chemical detection and x-ray imaging sensors to identify explosives, chemical and biological agents and weapons. Mississauga ON Current CADSI member CANSEC 2008
Soucy Plastiques Inc. Manufactures moulded tracks, plastic sprockets, metal components and wheels with rubber tires for tanks and other military vehicles. Drummondville QC Current CADSI member
Standard Aero Ltd Maintenance, repair and overhaul services for military aircraft engines and does depot-level maintenance of over half of the world's Rolls-Royce Allison T56/501 military aviation engines. Winnipeg MB Past CADSI member
Streit Manufacturing Inc. Designs and manufactures armoured, luxury SUVs for business execs plus armoured cars and trucks for military, paramilitary and police uses including Special Weapons and Tactics, Rapid Response, and Riot Control. Innisfil ON Current CADSI member

Ultra Electronics Telemus Manufactures tactical military and sonar systems for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Electronic Countermeasures and Electronic Warfare systems. Kanata ON Current CADSI member
(parent company)

(sister company)
WR Davis Engineering Ltd Manufactures electronic and infrared signature suppression systems for warships and warplanes; Training aids and armament training devices; camouflage and deception equipment for trucks. Ottawa ON Past CADSI member
28 Canadian military companies reporting that they are now "actively pursuing" exports to Israel     CADSI members:
Current=15 (54%)


"Actively Pursuing" Exports to Israel
Each of the above companies report -- in Industry Canada's "Canadian Company Capabilities" (CCC) database -- that they are now "
Actively Pursuing" Exports to Israel. The information in this government database is entered and updated by the companies themselves.

Summary of Main Military Products and/or Services
These descriptions of the main military products and/or services provided by these companies summarise data found in a variety of sources, primarily from the industries themselves, their websites and/or various corporate and government databases promoting their work.

CADSI Membership
Data on current membership in the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) is based on data from the online "CADSI Member Profiles Database" (early February, 2009).

Former CADSI membership is based on
archived listings in the CADSI Member Profiles Database (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009), as well as membership listings for CADSI's predecessor organisation, the "Canadian Defence Industries Association" (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003).

CANSEC 2008 Exhibitor
List of Exhibitors at CANSEC 2008 in Ottawa (Canada's largest arms show is organized by CADSI)

For some basic facts about these companies, summaries of their main military products, their locations, and details on their links to CADSI, see this table.

This web page is part of an online report called:
Canadian Military Exports to Israel: Aiding and Abetting War Crimes in Gaza (2008-2009).

The report includes 10 detailed tables filled with data detailing about 200 Canadian military companies that have direct or indirect export links to Israel. 

Prepared by the Ottawa-based Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) -- this report is part of a campaign to expose and oppose CANSEC 2009, Canada's largest military industry trade show. CANSEC 2009 will be hosted by the City of Ottawa at Lansdowne Park, May 27-28, 2009. Please join us in exposing and opposing CANSEC!  Click here to read more about our CAMPAIGN.

Here is an article that ties together the issues in this report and the campaign against CANSEC:
Canadian Military Exports, War Crimes in Gaza and Ottawa's Arms Bazaar