DFAIT funds CADSI's efforts to Promote the International Arms Trade


Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), has generously supported the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI). This support, totalling $191,554 between 2006-2008, is specifically focused on assisting CADSI's efforts to promote Canadian military companies' exports.


This is evidenced in an online DFAIT source called "Disclosure of Grant and Contribution Awards Over $25,000: International Trade" which states that the purpose of these PEMD grants is to support "generic international business development activities."


PEMD is DFAIT's "Program for Export Marketing Development." In particular, the DFAIT grants to CADSI fall under what is called the PEMD-A program. PEMD-A stands for Program for Export Marketing Development for Associations.



On March 24, 2006, CADSI received a PEMD "Contribution" of $47,138 from the "International Trade" division of DFAIT


On May 15, 2007, CADSI received a PEMD "Contribution" of $46,509 from the "International Trade" division of DFAIT



On April 24, 2008, CADSI received a PEMD "Contribution" of $97,907 from the "International Trade" division of DFAIT



$47,138    (2006)

$46,509    (2007)

$97,907    (2008)



Promoting the International Arms Trade

Many Canadians may be opposed to the fact that the Canadian government is funding a military-industry association, such as CADSI, to specifically promote the international export efforts of its corporate members.  CADSI's main work is to organise an international arms bazaar called CANSEC which will be hosted by the City of Ottawa in late May 2009.


Conflict of Interest: A Government-funded Lobby Group?!
CADSI however is also a LOBBY GROUP which has a special "Government Relations" committee dedicated to pushing the government on issues, like military spending and export regulations, in order to benefit its corporate members.



Prepared by the Ottawa-based Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) -- this report is part of a campaign to expose and oppose CANSEC 2009, Canada's largest military industry trade show. CANSEC 2009 will be hosted by the City of Ottawa at Lansdowne Park, May 27-28, 2009. Please join us in exposing and opposing CANSEC!  Click here to read more about our CAMPAIGN.