Here is a letter from the Ottawa Monthly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) calling on Mayor O'Brien and Ottawa City Councillors to "reaffirm the city's 1989 resolution and  deny the use of Lansdowne Park to CANSEC 2009."

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Letter to Mayor and Councillors



Larry O'Brien, mayor of Ottawa, and

members of Ottawa City Council


Dear ___


Members of the Ottawa Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) are concerned about the use of City of Ottawa facilities, namely Lansdowne Park,  for the forthcoming weapons and security  trade show called CANSEC 2009 to be held  May 27 and 28. 


We know that the city of Ottawa in 1989 after the “ARMEX” trade exhibit, voted overwhelmingly to refuse leasing these same facilities for any future similar arms trade exhibits.  The reasons given by the City were good and reasonable at the time and with some elaboration we believe they still hold today:


·        Most weapons are produced and traded for killing and those  killed today by these weapons  are predominantly civilians.   Surveillance and security technologies are often tightly linked to weapons technology and generally induce an atmosphere of fear and suspicion in people.

·        Weapons, regardless of their source, often end up in countries  or failed states where human rights are routinely  violated.  Similarly, surveillance and security technologies threaten privacy and are often used by repressive regimes and institutions to suppress basic rights. 

·        Increased weapons production, especially of strategic weapons, but also of small arms  is contrary to the spirit of treaties we have signed or support. 

·        The CANSEC 2009 is a closed and exclusive event inimical to the intent of a public tax supported recreational and trade facility.  


We believe that it is wrong and misguided to seek security and peace in arms or war.   Today especially, at a time of economic and ecological crisis, to promote arms sales is to promote the misuse and waste of human, financial and ecological resources desperately needed for a sustainable human community in this city and in many parts of the world.     For these reasons we would ask you as a city councilor to reaffirm the city's 1989 resolution and  deny the use of Lansdowne Park to CANSEC 2009.



We look forward to your response,



Yours sincerely,





Robert Clarke

Clerk, Ottawa Monthly Meeting

Religious Society of Friends