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This was a great event. Sorry if you missed it.

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exposE and opposE the

International Arms Bazaar
coming to Ottawa
's Lansdowne Park!


CANSEC 2009, Canada's largest arms trade show, is booked for Lansdowne, May 27-28, 2009.
However, in 1989, Ottawa City Council passed an historic motion banning all such manifestations of the international arms trade from municipal facilities.
What happened to
Ottawa's 1989 ban and how do we get it reinstated?

Stopping Ottawa Arms Bazaars:
An Information and Strategy Session

Tuesday, March 24, 7 pm
Southminster United Church,

15 Aylmer Ave. at Bank St. (bus 1 or 7) (map)



Rev. Dr. Graeme Carruth, Chair of Ottawa Presbytery, United Church of Canada

(Ottawa Presbytery, a regional umbrella group for 65 congregations in Ottawa, has formally asked Ottawa City Council to honour its 1989 ban on hosting international arms shows like CANSEC. Read their excellent letter to Council.)

Richard Sanders, Coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)

(Twenty years ago, COAT organized widespread community opposition to the ARMX weapons show at Lansdowne Park that led to the City's ban on arms exhibitions.)

Alex Cullen, Ottawa City Councillor, Bay Ward.
(Will speak about his opposition to the international arms trade and provide tips on lobbying City Hall.)


In small groups, we will discuss how to build momentum to reinstate the ban and promote a large rally and candlelight vigil on May 27, the first day of the CANSEC trade show.


Here's the text of Ottawa Council's ban from 1989.   It is still valid and should be respected!

        Whereas the arms trade has little or no consideration of moral or humanitarian issues in that weapons have been used against civilians;

        And whereas exports of Canadian military equipment and components end up in countries which persistently violate human rights;

        And whereas the international arms trade serves to increase militarization throughout the world and is inconsistent with arms limitations efforts;

        And whereas ARMX 89 is a closed event and restricted to Canadian government officials, foreign government representatives, police and security forces and defence industry representatives;

        And whereas Lansdowne Park is a publicly supported recreation and trade show facility;

Therefore be it resolved that Lansdowne Park and other city facilities not be leased to ARMX or other such arms exhibitions.


In spite of the moral validity of this resolution, city staff recently told Councillors that, due to a legal technicality, the ban no longer applies to Lansdowne Park!


Please join us in building momentum toward restoring Ottawa's ban on arms trade shows and build toward a rally and candlelight vigil on May 27

Sign COAT's on-line petition        Print a copy of the petition

Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade