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COAT began in 1989 by exposing and opposing ARMX, Canada's largest weapons bazaar. (Early history)   Our first campaign led to Ottawa Council's 20-year ban on hosting arms bazaars on municipal property.  For more than two decades, COAT has published Press for Conversion! magazine, organized peace rallies, vigils, conferences and campaigns against the arms trade, military air shows, Canada's role in US-led wars and regime changes.  Join us!

Arms Trade Treaty could Legitimise Arms Sales Media Release, Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) (UK)
Arms Trade Treaty: A Historic and Momentous Failure by Kirk Jackson, Online Communications Coordinator, CAAT (UK)
We have an Arms Trade Treaty -- What difference does it make? by Wendela de Vries, Dutch Campaign Against Arms Trade
Arms Trade Treaty -- Towards What End? by D.Raghunandan, Delhi Science Forum (India)
Why the Arms Trade Treaty is a Failure by Barnaby Pace, The Armourers Faith (UK)
The fatal flaw in the Arms Trade Treaty
by Nicholas Gilby, UK author
No Nonsense Guide to the Arms Trade (New Internationalist)
Progressives, Pariahs & Sceptics: Who’s Who in the Arms Trade Treaty? by Anna Stavrianakis, Dep't of International Relations, University of Sussex, UK.

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"Profiting from Israeli Apartheid:
Canada Pension Plan Investments in Corporations Supporting
Israel's Military-, Police-, Surveillance-, Prison-Industrial Complex

Read COAT's two-part report online...  
Part 1 (Issue 66)   Part 2 (Issue 67)

"COAT’s research on CPP investments in Israeli apartheid is a window into the accelerating militarization of a hugely destructive, global system intricately connected with and complicit in Israel's wars and its occupation of Palestine
   "The thorough findings carefully document the corporate profits and impunity, the transnational connections, the weapons and security systems, the militarized prisons and police forces, the destruction of peoples’ lives and environments.  It’s a picture of a thoroughly pathological and globalized sub-society that must be stopped." 

Judith Deutsch, MSW, University of California at Berkeley, is a practicing psychoanalyst and a faculty member of the Toronto Psychoanalytic Institute, University of Toronto. She is
the vice president of Science for Peace, and was its president between 2008 and 2012. Judy is an active member of Independent Jewish Voices Toronto, and is also involved with climate justice research and action.

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"Stop CPP investments in firms supplying
Israel with military, police, surveillance or
prison-related products!"
COAT research reveals that the Canada Pension
Plan (CPP) has $1.5 billion in direct investments
in 68 companies selling military-, police-,
surveillance- &/or prison products to Israel. 
Four other large Canadian pension funds
have invested an additional $3.2 billion in these
companies.  (See summary table and sources)

Canada's Six Largest
Pension Funds Invest in War

Click the links, at right, for data tables exposing
Canada's largest pension funds and their
investments in the world's weapons industries.

* Master Table: Pensions & War (combines data from all tables below) 

Five Updated Tables on Top Canadian Pension Fund Investments in:
* The world's top-100 war industries
* F-35 stealth fighter/bomber contractors
* Cluster-munition manufacturers
* Nuclear weapons manufacturers
* Top-100 war industries from prior to 2010
"Killer Pensions:   Pension funds force Canadians to invest in war industries."
Click above for the front page article from The Monitor, published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (July 2012).

February 20, 2013: Canadian War Industries Flog their Wares at IDEX 2013,
the Middle East's Largest Arms Bazaar

Stoking the Tsunamis
of War and Repression

On March 11, 2011, just hours after Japan's earthquake, the Canadian government finally released its much-delayed, severely-flawed report on arms exports. Contrary to government rhetoric, over 96% of Canada's military exports go to countries at war. Canadian military exports also aid and abet regimes that flagrantly and systematically abuse basic human rights. 

WikiWeapons Canada
In 2011, COAT published a database revealing details on 18,888 Canadian military-export contracts to the US (worth US$7.2 billion). This database exposes Canadian firms selling small arms, ammunition, battle vehicles and high-tech parts for major weapons that the US has used in Iraq and elsewhere. Because Canadian government reports (both Liberal & Conservative alike) have never included any Canadian sales to the US, they have concealed 80% of our military exports. COAT's publication of this database reverses this longstanding and shameful, government cover up.

Canada, at War in Iraq!
"Operation Silent Partner:
Canada's Quiet Complicity in the Iraq War"

(Press for Conversion! Issue 65, Dec. 2010

Canada's Covert War in Iraq
George Orwell meets Canada's
General Natynczyk in Iraq

(The CCPA Monitor, Sept. 2008)

In the Wake of Wikileaks: A Media Critique of
Revelations about Canadian Duplicity in Iraq

(The CCPA Monitor, July 2011)

Canada's Military Exports to the Middle East and North Africa

For decades, Conservative & Liberal governments alike -- while preaching peace and human rights -- have facilitated and promoted the steady flow of weapons, ammunition, tear gas, battle vehicles, explosives and much more, to repressive undemocratic governments in the Middle East and North Africa. Inspired by popular revolutions and protests throughout the region, COAT has published many sets of detailed data tables to expose $2 Billion in Canadian arms exports to the region.  COAT's research shows that Canada is deeply complicit in aiding and abetting many unpopular U.S.-backed puppet regimes that have retained their grip on power through coercion, intimidation and violence.

Canadian War Industries Profiting from the Slaughter of Innocents in Iraq
This COAT report is an exposé of 130 Canadian war industries that have supplied products and services for 39 different varieties of US warplanes used in the invasion and occupation of Iraq since March 2003.  There are separate data tables for each of these major US weapons systems and hundreds of links are provided to detail the contributions made by Canadian companies to each of these weapons systems.  Data includes which companies were members of the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries and which exhibited at the CANSEC war industry bazaar in 2008 and /or 2009.
Canada's CANSEC War Fair: 
Weapons Galore and Global Warfare

In this report, COAT exposes details about 50 Canadian military companies exhibiting at the country's biggest weapons bazaar, CANSEC, and their links to the production and export of:
(1)  Anti-Personnel Cluster Bombs, Fragmentation Bombs and Phosphorous Bombs,
(2)  Automatic Weapons, Semi-Automatic Weapons, Machine Guns and Chain Guns,
(3)  High-tech components for weapons systems that deliver:
  (a) Nuclear Weapons,
  (b) Depleted Uranium Munitions, 
  (c) Anti-Personnel Cluster Bombs,
  (d) Anti-Personnel Landmines
(4) "Ballistic Missile Defense" weapons systems

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