Export Control List (ECL)
Categories of Canada's Military Exports

Export Control List (ECL) Item

Illustrative Examples

2-1 Smooth-bore weapons with a calibre of less than 20 mm, other arms and automatic weapons with a calibre of 12.7 mm or less and accessories
2-1 Smooth-bore weapons with a calibre of 20 mm or more, other weapons or armament with a calibre greater than 12.7 mm, projectors and accessories,
2-3 Ammunition and fuse-setting devices, and specially designed components
2-4 Bombs, torpedoes, rockets, missiles, other explosive devices and charges, and related equipment and accessories specially designed for military use
2-5 Fire control, related alerting and warning equipment, and related systems; test, alignment and countermeasure equipment specially designed for military use; and specially designed components and accessories
2--5 Ground vehicles and components
2-7 Chemical or biological toxic agents, riot control agents, radioactive materials, and related equipment, components, materials
2-8 Energetic materials and related substances
2-9 Vessels of war, special naval equipment and accessories, and components specially designed for military use
2-10 Aircraft, lighter-than-air vehicles, unmanned airborne vehicles, aero-engines and “aircraft” equipment, related equipment and components, specially designed or modified for military use
2-11 Electronic equipment not controlled elsewhere and components
2-12 High-velocity kinetic energy weapon systems and related equipment, and specially designed components
2-13 Armoured or protective equipment and constructions and components
2-14 Specialized equipment for military training or for simulating military scenarios, simulators specially designed for training in the use of any firearm or weapon controlled in 2-1 or 2-2, and specially designed components and accessories
2-15 Imaging or countermeasure equipment, specially designed for military use, and specially designed components and accessories
2-16 Forgings, castings and other unfinished products the use of which in a controlled product is identifiable by material composition, geometry or function, and which are specially designed for any products controlled in 2-1 to 2-4, 2-6, 2-9, 2-10, 2-12 or 2-19
2-17 Miscellaneous equipment, materials and specially designed components
2-18 Equipment for the production of products referred to in the Munitions List
2-19 Directed energy weapon systems, related or countermeasure equipment and test models, and specially designed components
2-20 Cryogenic and superconductive equipment, and specially designed components and accessories
2-21 Software
2-22 Technology

Note: The full list of goods and technology, including precise definitions of the terms used in the table, may be found in A Guide to Canada’s Export Controls, available on the Internet at www.exportcontrols.gc.ca.

This table was created using data from a report by Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and International TradeClick here for a critique of the faulty and limited data supplied in this DFAIT report. 

This table is connected to a report of the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) called "Canadian Military Exports to Countries at War, 2003-2005."

This COAT report  was created in support of the campaign to Oppose CANSEC 2009 in Ottawa!