Posters for Ottawa's June 2 Rally for Peace to Oppose CANSEC 2010

Click the links below to see a variety of posters for the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade's June-2 Rally for Peace.

You can print these posters on your home printer or download a file for your local photo shop.

Or, you can even pick up some already printed posters from COAT. For details, contact Richard at

Here are the posters:

War is Business

War is Not Healthy for Children and other Living Things

Dove by Picasso

Dove made with many words for Peace

Canadian Flag and bombs falling

Arms Dealers shaking hands

Gun turning into a tree

Military Capital

Invest Your Sons

Colt Canada booth at CANSEC and Gun to Trees

Here is some more information:

Check out the fliers promoting our June-2 Rally for Peace
Short summary article about CANSEC:
"Don't Sit on deFence, Decorate it!"
We are collecting peace symbols and peace messages to decorate the fence around the CANSEC weapons bazaar:
Encourage friends and colleagues to check out COAT's magazine online:
"CANSEC: War is Business" (Press for Conversion!, Issue #64)
Order copies of "CANSEC: War is Business" and/or make a donation to COAT's work: