War is Business

Press for Conversion!
November 2009 

Published by the
Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade

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Dr. Strangelove: How Ottawa Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the Bomb
  • DFAIT Generously Funds CADSI to Push Military Exports
  • Table: Jobs Created by $1 Billion in Spending
3 - 21

Fuelling War: Canadian Military Exports at Work

  • Pie Chart: Recipients of Canada’s Military Exports (2003-2006)

  • Table: Canadian Military Exports to Countries with Troops Fighting in Major Armed Conflicts (2003-2006)

  • Graph: Canadian Military Exports to Countries Fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti and Internal Wars (2003-2006)
22 - 24
Table: Canada’s Top 40 War Industries: Links to CANSEC and CADSI 25

Canadian Military Exports, War Crimes in Gaza, and CANSEC

  • Table: Canadian Exporters at CANSEC 2009 helping manufacture US Weapons used to Bomb Lebanon (2006) & Gaza (2008-2009)

  • Table: CPP Investments in US Makers of Israeli Weapons Systems

  • Table: Canadian Military Firms linked to the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries that report Direct Exports to Israel

Banning AntiWar Art and UnBanning Arms Shows

26 - 29

Democracy under Attack at Home and Abroad:
Ottawa’s Mayor O’Brien, Calian Technologies and CANSEC

  • Table: Canadian War Industries helping build B-52s

30 - 32
"Secure Canada": The Demise of a US Arms Bazaar in Ottawa 33 - 35

Table: 100 Canadian War Industries Exporting Parts &/or Services for Weapons Systems used in Iraq, and other Wars

36 - 38

Canada Pension Plan Investments in the World’s Top War Industries

  • Table: CPP Investments in Top 100 Global Weapons Makers

  • Table: CPP Invests in Weapons used in Iraq with Canadian Parts


Weapons with Canadian Components, used in Iraq and other Wars

  • Table: Weapons: Canadian Complicity

40 - 48
Letter from COAT’s coordinator 49
Where have all the cartoons gone? 50