"Munitions List"
Category 2-15

Canada has exported products in Category 2-15 to two countries in the Middle East & North Africa
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2-15: Imaging or countermeasure equipment
Imaging or imaging countermeasure equipment, specially designed for military use, including
cameras and photographic, infrared, radar sensor and thermal imaging equipment and specially designed components and accessories.

The above summary -- by the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) for its web report "Canadian Military Exports to the Middle East and North Africa" -- was derived from a detailed description of this category of munitions published by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) in a document called A Guide to Canada’s Export Controls (June 2006).  This DFAIT document describes seven different groups of products on the "Export Control List" whose export is "controlled" by the Government of Canada.  One of these seven groups, known as "Group 2" or the "Munitions List," is comprised of 22 categories of military products.  These are the categories of products whose export is documented in a series of DFAIT documents published since 1990, called Export of Military Goods from Canada.

The relevant section from A Guide to Canada’s Export Controls detailing this category on the "Munitions List" is provided below:



Imaging or countermeasure equipment, as follows, specially designed for military use, and specially designed components and accessories therefor:

a. Recorders and image processing equipment;

b. Cameras, photographic equipment and film processing equipment;

c. Image intensifier equipment;

d. Infrared or thermal imaging equipment;

e. Imaging radar sensor equipment;

f. Countermeasure or counter-countermeasure equipment for the equipment controlled by sub-items 2-15.a. to 2-15.e.


2-15.f. includes equipment designed to degrade the operation or effectiveness of military imaging systems or to minimize such degrading effects.

Note 1:

The term ‘specially designed components’ includes the following when specially designed for military use:

a. Infrared image converter tubes;

b. Image intensifier tubes (other than first generation);

c. Microchannel plates;

d. Low-light-level television camera tubes;

e. Detector arrays (including electronic interconnection or read out systems);

f. Pyroelectric television camera tubes;

g. Cooling systems for imaging systems;

h. Electrically triggered shutters of the photochromic or electro-optical type having a shutter speed of less than 100 μs, except in the case of shutters which are an essential part of a high speed camera;

i. Fibre optic image inverters;

j. Compound semiconductor photocathodes.

Note 2:

2-15. does not control “first generation image intensifier tubes” or equipment specially designed to incorporate “first generation image intensifier tubes”.


For the status of weapons sights incorporating “first generation image intensifier tubes” see entries 2-1., 2-2. and 2-5.a.


See also Items 1-6.A.2.a.2. and 1-6.A.2.b. on the Dual-Use List.

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