"Munitions List"
Category 2-6

Canada has exported products in Category 2-6 to nine countries in the Middle East & North Africa
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2-6: Tanks and armoured vehicles
Ground vehicles, including tanks, armoured vehicles, and other military vehicles fitted with mountings for arms, equipment to lay mines or launch munitions. Also includes military amphibious vehicles, recovery vehicles and vehicles or trailers for transporting weapons systems or ammunition, and related equipment and components.

The above summary -- by the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) for its web report "Canadian Military Exports to the Middle East and North Africa" -- was derived from a detailed description of this category of munitions published by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) in a document called A Guide to Canada’s Export Controls (June 2006).  This DFAIT document describes seven different groups of products on the "Export Control List" whose export is "controlled" by the Government of Canada.  One of these seven groups, known as "Group 2" or the "Munitions List," is comprised of 22 categories of military products.  These are the categories of products whose export is documented in a series of DFAIT documents published since 1990, called Export of Military Goods from Canada.

The relevant section from A Guide to Canada’s Export Controls detailing this category on the "Munitions List" is provided below:

Saudi Arabia


Ground vehicles and components, as follows:


For guidance and navigation equipment, see 2-11. Note 7.

a. Ground vehicles and components therefor, specially designed or modified for military use;

Technical Note:

For the purposes of 2-6.a. the term ground vehicles includes trailers.

b. All wheel-drive vehicles capable of off-road use which have been manufactured or fitted with materials to provide ballistic protection to level III (NIJ 0108.01, September 1985, or comparable national standard) or better.


See also 2-13.a.

Note 1:

2-6.a. includes:

a. Tanks and other military armed vehicles and military vehicles fitted with mountings for arms or equipment for mine laying or the launching of munitions controlled under 2-4.;

b. Armoured vehicles;

c. Amphibious and deep water fording vehicles;

d. Recovery vehicles and vehicles for towing or transporting ammunition or weapons systems and associated load handling equipment.

Note 2:

Modification of a ground vehicle for military use controlled by 2-6.a. entails a structural, electrical or mechanical change involving one or more specially designed military components. Such components include:

a. Pneumatic tyre casings of a kind specially designed to be bullet-proof or to run when deflated;

b. Tyre inflation pressure control systems, operated from inside a moving vehicle;

c. Armoured protection of vital parts, (e.g. fuel tanks or vehicle cabs);

d. Special reinforcements or mountings for weapons;

e. Black-out lighting.

Note 3:

2-6. does not control civil automobiles, or trucks designed or modified for transporting money or valuables, having armoured or ballistic protection.

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