Newcon Optik
Address: 105 Sparks Ave Contact: Michael Beker

NORTH YORK, ON Title: Chief Executive Officer

M2H 2S5  

  Area of Responsibility:

Tel: (416) 663-6963 Management Executive

&#Toll Free Phone: Tel: (416) 663-6963

(877) 368-6666 Fax: (416) 663-9065

Fax: (416) 663-9065
A Summary of the Company's Military Products and/or Services:
Manufactures optical systems for use by military, paramilitary, police and counter-insurgency applications.
Products include night vision equipment such as googles, rifle scopes, binoculars, monoculors, as well as
weapons-mounted, laser rangefinding devices for aiming and targetting.
About the Business
Year Established: 1992
Primary Industry: Commercial and Service Industry Machinery
Total Sales: $1 million - $25 million
Export Sales: $10 million - $25 million
Number of Employees: 25
Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI)
(This government-funded lobby group organises CANSEC, Canada's largest annual military trade show.)
Member 2011: yes Member 2010: yes CANSEC 2010 Exhibitor: yes
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Member 2009 or before: yes
Exports to Governments in the Middle East and North Africa
This company reports "Export Experience" (EE) and/or is "Actively Pursuing" (AP) such exports.
Algeria EE
Iraq AP
Lebanon AP
Palestine Tunisia AP
Bahrain AP
Israel EE
Libya AP
Qatar AP
Turkey AP
Egypt AP
Jordan EE
Morocco AP
Saudi Arabia AP
Iran Kuwait AP
Oman AP
Syria AP
Yemen AP
(Data on "EE" and "AP" status is from Industry Canada's "Canadian Company Capabilities" database.)

Canadian Military Exports
to the Mideast & North Africa

Details $1.8 Billion in Canadian military exports to 16 countries in the region between 1990 and 2006.

Canadian Small Arms Exports
to the Middle East & North Africa
Canadian small arms, light weapons and ammunition exports to 19 countries in the region between 1980 and 2009.

Canadian Munitions Firms
Exporting to Middle East
& North Africa
Twenty Canadian munitions/ammunition manufacturers and their exports to countries in the region.

Visit COAT's website
Inspired by popular revolutions and protests throughout the Middle East and North
Africa, COAT has produced dozens of data tables exposing Canadian military exports
to the region.  For decades, Canadian governments -- Conservative & Liberal alike --
have preached peace and human rights while facilitating a steady flow of arms,
ammunition, tear gas, battle vehicles, and other military and police products, to
repressive, undemocratic regimes.  Canada is thus complicit in aiding & abetting
various U.S.-backed regimes that retain power through brute force.