The Order of '76

This Aryan society of pure-blooded American fascists was organized about a year and a half ago [1932] under the protective wing of Royal S. Gulden. Although all prospects are solicited through personal contacts, it claims to already have 100,000 members scattered through out twenty one states of the Union. Most of these men, the writer is informed, are urban dwellers who have lost money in the stock market. An analysis of the membership on an occupational basis would disclose the fact that the majority of them are salesman, minor executives, managers, ex-soldiers, etc. Few laborers have made any effort to join and all women are excluded.

So far, the Order of '76 has printed no literature since it first desires to merge with an intellectual group capable of supplying it with a program. It has never-the-less settled four points in its ideology, it opposes the present system, fights Communism, attacks the Jew and definitely favors fascism. Where labor disputes occur, it openly boasts that it sends in squads to club the strikers. It also pretends to have an espionage system which enables it to discover all graft in political office but since it has not revealed any information which it may have, it is exceedingly doubtful whether it possesses any knowledge not generally known to the public.

Source: Murray Braun , "Fascist Organizations in America," Class Struggle, March 1934. Published by the Communist League of Struggle, New York.


Shortly after Brooks took charge, he made a frantic visit to New York. On March 4, 1934, he went to Room 830 of the Hotel Edison, a room rented to a Mr. William Goodales of Los Angles. Goodales was in fact William Dudley Pelly. The meeting concluded with an agreement to merge the Order of 76 with the Silver Shirts. Later Brooks would stop at 17 Battery Place, the address of the German Consulate General.

Brooks was a member of the Order of 76, a pro-fascist group. The Order of 76 application required the fingerprints of the proposed member, and certain details of their life.

Source: The 1930s: Nazis Parading on Main Street, Part 2: Republicans, Nazis & Elections


As an example of this type of organization, we cite the 'Order of '76.' This small group has been led into thoroughly un-American channels by its leader, who admitted that the organization had never been incorporated; that no books or records were kept; that no bank account existed.... Its real and hidden purpose is racial and religious intolerance.

Source: Forward - March! dav2a/pg482.htm


Board of Teachers College, Columbia University. The Dean of this college, Thomas Alexander, has been working with an agent of Royal Scott Gulden, head of the anti-semitic secret espionage Order of '76.

Source: John Spivak, New Masses, Feb.5, 1935