Table of Contents

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George W. Bush: Heir to the Holocaust
Military Industrial Superiority Complexes
Skull and Bones

Arms & the Walker-Bush Clan, 1914-40
National City Bank-Harriman-Walker Axis

Laundering Nazi Loot in the U.S.
Thyssen plus Krupp equals ThyssenKrupp

Newly-Uncovered Documents
The Corporate Media's Ongoing Failure

Bush-Nazi Dealings Continued until 1951
The Harassment John Buchanan
John Buchanan Interviews John Loftus

Bush Ties to Eugenics and Race Hygiene
George W-style Euthanasia in Texas

The Nixon-Bush Nazi Connection
Bush-League CIA
How Prescott Bush Recruited Nixon

Bush Sr used Nazi-Collaborators
Patriot Act Takes Away Freedoms
Safire: Bush is "Seizing Dictatorial Control"
The Patriot Act and Hitler's "Enabling Act"

Comparing Bush and Hitler
Judge Forced to Apologize
George W. Appoints Ten Bonesmen

Secret Draft Leaked of Patriot Act II
Homeland Security Threatens Civil Liberty

Fascism Anyone? 14 Characteristics

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