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So called "Missile Defense" is a Trojan Horse
The Sky's No Limit for Corporate Welfare Bums

History of the Militarization of Space
The History of the America's Space Program

Project RAND Report
Nazi V-2 Weapons Team Reassembled in U.S.
From Reagan to Global Imperialism

1989: Military Space Forces - The Next 50 Years:
Democratic Party's Vision of Space Warfare

U.S. and International Treaties on Space

Straight from the [War] Horse's Mouth
1996: Air & Space Power for the 21 Century
1997: Vision for 2020
1998: The Long Range Plan
2000: Almanac 2000
2001: The Rumsfeld Commission Transformation Flight Plan
2002: Strategic Master Plan
RAND: Space Weapons-Earth Wars
2003: Secret, Confidential & Cdn. Eyes Only

2004: USAF Counterspace Operation Doctrine

Corporate Welfare Bums
How is “Missile Defense” Supposed to Work?
Rigged/Falsified/Untested: Will it Work?
The Big 4:
Lockheed Martin

Real Rogues: Big Four Corporate Criminals
Table: Top 10 U.S. Military Contractors
Table: Political Contributions and Lobbying
CPP Investments in Top Ten and the Big Four
The Star Wars Lobby:
Frank Gaffney
Donald Rumsfeld
William Graham
Rep. Curt Weldon
Adm. David E. Jeremiah (US Navy, Ret)
Bruce Jackson
Duane P. Andrews
Gen. Howell Estes (US Air Force, Ret.)
Gen. Thomas S. Moorman (US Air Force, Ret)
Gen. Jay M. Garner (U.S. Army, Ret.)
Malcolm Wallop
James Woolsey
Stephen Hadley
Dov S. Zakheim

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