Table of Contents

Front Cover and Acknowledgements

Learning from Two Commandments of War:
Know the Enemy and Take the High Ground

Hiding RADARSAT: The Warfighters' Secret Weapon
RADARSAT: From Spin to Secrecy
Meet "the RADARSAT family of Satellites"

The Contracts that Privatised RADARSAT are Secret
Secret Military Eye in the Sky

Canada-U.S. Treaties: RADARSAT and Military Exports
The RADARSAT Law's Secret Annex

RADARSAT's Role in Missile Defense and NATO
RADARSAT, Missile Defense and the Holy Grail
RADARSAT-2 to be Launched in December 2006
GMTI and Theater Missile Defense

How RADARSAT plugs Canada in to future NATO-led wars

Clean Hunter 2001: RADARSAT in a TMD War Game
TMD; Coming to a Theatre of War Near You?

Strong Resolve 2002: Commando Peacekeepers?
RADARSAT-1 & Strong Resolve 2002

Privatising RADARSAT and Selling off its Data
The Growing Costs of RADARSAT-1 and -2
Meet MDA: RADARSAT given to branch of U.S. "missile defense" firm

Selling Off the Rights to RADARSAT and its Data
UK Military Agency "Top" Distributor in Europe, Africa & Middle East

U.S. Warfighters get their Hands on RADARSAT Data
Meet Eagle Vision: U.S. Military Bridgehead to RADARSAT
Some Canadian Military Uses of RADARSAT
Meet the Staff at ORBIMAGE
Meet David Emerson
Meet Mark Garneau: Expert on Weapons, Space and PR

Meet the EMS Space and Technology Group
The War in Iraq: Another Canadian "No-Means-Yes" Policy in Action
Meet "Defense" Minister Gordon O'Connor

Back Cover