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Here's some background information on our magazine

Press for Conversion! is the quarterly publication of the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT).  The magazine began in the winter of 1989/1990, soon after the creation of COAT to expose and oppose a huge arms bazaar in Ottawa called ARMX.  For several years, the magazine focused almost exclusively on global efforts to benefit from a "peace dividend" and specifically to transform military production and infrastructure to socially-useful and environmentally-sound alternatives.  As such, it was the only periodical in Canada, perhaps the world, devoted to the coverage and promotion of military conversion.  Each issue contained news and information from around the world on many practical and theoretical dimensions of economic conversion.  The magazine also included articles on how the weapons trade, particularly Canada's military exports, impacted upon human rights in "Third World" countries.

However, over the past few years COAT has expanded the concept of conversion beyond the limited economic definition which is related to transforming military industries and bases.  Press for Conversion! now covers a broad variety of issues of relevance to peace, human rights, development and anti-globalization activists. (For more on this broadened understanding of conversion, see Conversion is...)

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