By Iakoha'ko:wa

Eagle Watch, Haudenosaunee Territory, August 27, 2008



If you think a military trade show in Ottawa doesn't concern you or can't be stopped, maybe you should think again. While Ottawa's mayor, "Lyin'" Larry O'Brien is already taunting us about another one in the spring, there are an awful lot of these war expos and trade shows going on all over.  It's a feeding frenzy for the desperate "disaster capitalists" who must justify their cruel gadgets and invasive toys. They'll create an emergency if they have to.


This report follows the schedule for L-3 Communcations, just one of the very big military "control freak" corporations and a CADSI member whose subsidiaries, L-3 MAS and L-3 WESCAM are exhibitors at the "Secure Canada 2008" military trade show set for September 30 and October 1 in Ottawa.


Those on the military trade show circuit live a luxurious and breathtaking lifestyle not unlike that of celebrities and movie stars. It sure aint the pow wow highway. The war gangsters have piles of money to spend on their hedonistic pastimes and toys.  Let's pick up the trail and follow L-3 Communications as they flog their tools of repression.


L-3 Communications, US owned with its Canadian base in Ottawa, has 8 Canadian divisions who work in ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaisance)products, "navigation, sensors, scanners, fuzes, data links, propulsion systems simulators, avionics, electro optics, satellite communications, electrical power equipment, encryption, intelligence systems, antennas and microwave components."  They make, repair, operate and upgrade various equipment such as the Hornet fighter and Hercules military transport planes.  (discussed in previous report, "Stop Armageddon")


Starting Sunday, August 24, L-3Com will be at the "Canadian Association Chiefs of Police" Convention in Montreal until Wednesday.  They'll ignore or justify the brazen police brutality in that city where an 18-year-old youth was recently murdered by police.  They'll do their best to sell their junk to the various police gangs who are loading up on all sorts of so-called "non lethal weapons", robots, UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles) and surveillance equipment.


The L-3COM exhibitors fly off to the "Monterey Homeland Security Conference" in Monterey, California for Monday until Friday, August 29.  They are also in Australia and Virginia for other trade shows this week.  That's four different warmaking shows for one week.  How many guys do you figure will be at each show and at what cost, travel, hotels, restaurants, etc.??  You know these punks are big on corporate welfare and tax credits.  They'll write it all off!


From August 31 to September 2, they are at the "Homeland Security Asia" show in Bangkok, Thailand.  September 3 to 5, they'll be at 2 Canadian shows, one in Calgary, the "AEA (Aircraft Electronics Association) Canada" and the "Defsec Atlantic" in Halifax with an overlap in Reno, Nevada from Sep 4 to 7 for the "Tailhook" show.  AEA is an international umbrella group for over 1,000 companies in all aspects of avionics and electronics.  L-3Com Avionics Director Shelley "Leather and Lace" Buckley will fly in from Wisconsin.


Then from Sep9 to 12, they'll be in San Diego and Los Angeles, California as well as Savannah Georgia and Langley AFB in Virginia for "Space 2008" and more  entertainment to them, promoting terror and mongering fear.


The tireless L-3 Com guys are off to the "Inter-Airport India" show from Sep.   11 to 15 in New Delhi India.  Then they are in Washington DC from the 14th to 17th and back in Savannah Georgia, 15th to 19th.  Also in Atlanta, Georgia at the same time.


Then it's Bucharest, Romania for the BSDA (Black Sea Defense and Aerospace) Conference and Show from the 17th to 19th.  They don't care how much jet fuel they burn.  Or how insensitive they are to the critical situation right now in the Caucasus.  Don't these clowns understand that the toys they make are used to hurt and kill people?


Romania, Ukraine and Georgia are on the Black Sea.  Rumours abound that both Russia and the US/NATO have warships there.  Thousands of people have just died in South Ossetia as a result of NATO's attack and Russia's response.  Romania's sellout government has agreed to allow 4 US military bases in Romania.  Like the "Secure Canada" show in Ottawa, the Bucharest show is run by the US Embassy and endorsed by US Secretary of Commerce, Carlos "Counting Money that Isn't His" Gutierrez.


The US Departments of Commerce, State and Homeland Security are all involved in  NAU (North American Union)and the Security and Prosperity Partnership.


The L-3Com guys will rub shoulders with all their buddies at the "Fleet Maintenance Symposium", Sep. 18-19 in Virginia Beach.  Then they'll be in  Gaithersburg, Maryland for the 19th and back and forth between Virginia and Maryland until they go to Boston for the 21st while staying in Richmond, Virginia for the in crowds conference and show there.  That'll be one booze fest for the aging aerospace workers.  It appears that young people are not attracted to this line of work in spite of all the enticements, perks and high wages.  There is a certain wisdom in our youth.


Then it's off to Brussels, Belgium for a few days while they are also at a mine expo in Las Vegas.  How handy for the night life and a chance to blow some money in the casinos!!!  Will Peter "CanadianCheddar" Gartenburg be there from Ottawa or Paul "BeanCounter" Jennison or Rick "Grumpy Gramps Won't Share his Video War Games" Ackerman from Toronto?


Will Michael "BigCheese" Strianese himself be in Hamburg, Germany Sep. 23 til 26, for the "Shipbuilding, Machinery & Maritime - Technology International Trade Fair"?  Keep in mind we are still talking about the busy show schedule of just one company.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there's another AEA confab in Kansas City, Missouri and the "International Water Rescue" in Fairfax, Virginia until the 27th.  They'll be fighting over who gets to go to the Monaco Yacht Show for the very same days, in Monaco, of course.  Anyone for a trade show in Madrid, Spain for the 24th and 25th?


Then it's back to Oklahoma City for a long one, "NEMA 2008" until October 2. This event is not listed on NEMA's (National Emergency Management Association) web site.  Their Annual Conference is in September in Portland, Oregon.  Imagine the techno jetsetter L-3Com guys going to the wrong city?  Sh, don't tell them...


For those L-3Com execs so inclined, it's off to not-so-jolly old England, for the "Courier & Parcel Logistics" show on Sep. 30 til October 02 in London.  They'll probably have fun blowing things up at that one!  At the same time, it's the "Modern Day Marine" show at the Marines base in Quantico, Virginia where they run the Marine Warfighting Laboratory.  The Marines are the tough guys who, among other things, oversee the entire NonLethal Weapons program which includes many deadly devices that can be used on protesters and others with an "adversarial mindset" by both military and law enforcement agents.


In case you didn't notice, that brings us to the "Secure Canada 2008" show in Ottawa, Sep 30 and October 1.  L-3COM plan to be there.  It appears that trade shows is all some of them do or maybe they get to take turns.  "I wanna go to the one in Monaco!"  "Shutup...."


For October, it's off to a trade show in Taiwan and an air show in Japan and a few more around the US, including the "COPS West 2008" in Ontario, California.  We didn't even hear about this one in Ottawa, "US Embassy Defense & Security"  October 06-07.  After that, it's Portugal, Greece and the Czech Republic as well as another trip to Japan and several around the US including Detroit, San Antonio, and NYC.  They'll be in Reno for the 19th and Florida for the 20th at a show for the c-130's and in Australia again for the "Land Warfare Conference 2008".


Aren't you getting tired of all these shows?  These guys never quit.  Maybe they are robots themselves, who knows. They've got the "EuMW (European Microwave)" from October 26-31 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, another place with a handy hedonistic culture.


Here's what the EuMW organizers say about it, "... the latest trends and developments that are widening the field of application of microwaves. Microwave devices, systems for telecommunications (both terrestrial and space borne), transportation, medical, radar and NEW FIELDS OF APPLICATION..."  Do they mean microwave weapons that are becoming popular for crowd control but still need some development?


The "C-130 Hercules Operators Conference" is in Atlanta, Georgia. Apparently these jumbo jets are really taking a beating landing on short, rough runways in Afghanistan.  L-3COM representatives will also take in the "Euronaval 2008" in Paris France til the end of the month.  There are still 7 more shows planned in the US for October.


It's not over til it's over and November sees them still going to war trade shows.  Some of the guys have to go to a show in Washington, DC while some fly off to Hawaii for "TechNet Asia PAC" and others to Sydney Australia where it's spring in November.  Some will be in Ottawa again from November 04-07 for the UVS (Unmanned Vehicle Systems)Canada show.  Enough is enough, we say.


They have two in England and three more in the US before the "International Association of Chiefs of Police 2008" from November 08 til 12 in San Diego, California.  At the same time, they'll be in China and in Australia for the "Asia-Pacific Defense & Security" and in Seoul, Korea and Cadiz, Spain for other shows.  Talk about "disaster capitalism", these guys have run amok like drug dealers in a room full of hungry addicts.  What is going on?


There are several more shows in the US including another one in Honolulu.  There's a show in Turkey from November 16 to 18 and shows in Qatar, India and the "IDEAS-Int'l Defense Exhibit" in Pakistan.  India and Pakistan are both buying lots of warmaking wares as the war in Afghanistan is tending to spill over its borders with Pakistan, making everyone feel they must arm themselves to the teeth.


The show schedule appears to be winding down for December with only four shows listed, one in Orlando Florida (handy for Disney World), one in Chile, one in UK and one in the UAE.


These trade shows in themselves are a form of psychological warfare.  Don't let it overwhelm you.  There's still time for Ottawa councillors to cancel SecCan but they need encouragement from the people.  Let them know your concerns.


Stopping just one show is a small step that will boost morale and inspire others to try in their own communities.  If the show goes on, protesters will make their voices heard but much more needs to be done.  Remember, cyberspace is a battlefield too.  Be creative.


Indigenous people are prime targets right now for all the tools of repression because we own the resources needed to build and run the war machinery.  Canada is a corporation that does not have legal title to the land.  Our communities are under siege by greedy developers.  Our grandmothers and our youth especially are harassed constantly at the borders that run through our communities.  Haudenosaunee territory aka St. Lawrence/Great Lakes, has been chosen as the new headquarters for Fortress America.  The colonialist perpetrators intend to close the gates by 2010.  The clock is ticking.  Free your mind of fear and confusion - there are ways to stop this madness!



Eagle Watch, Haudenosaunee Territory



"The Important Thing is, Not to Stop Questioning" Albert Einstein






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