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This web slide show originates from a power point presentation done at the World Peace Forum in Vancouver on June 26, 2006, and--in part--at an event in Victoria, on June 22, 2006.

This slide show was researched, written and presented by Ottawa-based Richard Sanders, coordinator of the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) and editor of COAT's magazine, Press for Conversion!

He is available to make this presentation elsewhere in Canada.
For details, contact: overcoat@rogers.com

The material presented here is based on more than a year of original research which has been published in three issues of COAT's Press for Conversion!:

Canada’s Role in so called “Missile Defense”
Part I: NORAD, Government Largesse and the ABC’s of Corporate Complicity

(June 2005, Issue #56)

Part II: Sea-based, Theatre Ballistic Missile Defense
October 2005, Issue #57)

Canada’s Role in the Militarisation of Space:
RADARSAT - The Warfighters’ “Eye in the Sky”
and its links to “Missile Defense”
(March 2006, Issue #58)