Jeremy Kuzmarov,
Managing editor, CovertAction Magazine

"Sanders' important research helps to illuminate the shameful support of the Canadian government for Eastern European pro-Nazi emigrés as part of its zealous support for the Cold War crusade against the Soviet Union.

"Sanders makes an important connection between the Cold War period and the present through the figure of Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, by pointing out that her journalism career began with work for some of the very same far-right, Edmonton-based Ukrainian publications in which her Nazi news propagandist grandfather had also been deeply involved. 

"This piece and others by Sanders are very valuable in debunking various nationalist mythologies that exist about Canada and its supposed role as a peace-maker in the world."

Jeremy Kuzmarov is the managing editor of CovertAction Magazine. Its cofounders in 1978 included whistle-blowing former CIA agents: James and Elsie Wilcott and Philip Agee, author of Inside the Company: CIA Diary and On The Run.

Jeremy has taught at several universities across the United States and is the author of four books on US foreign policy: Obama's Unending Wars (Clarity Press, 2019) and The Russians are Coming, Again, with John Marciano (2018), Modernizing Repression: Police Training and Nation Building in the American Century (2012), and The Myth of the Addicted Army: Vietnam and the Modern War on Drugs (2009).

Defunding the Myths and Cults of
Cold War Canada:
Ongoing state support for East European
émigré groups with deep fascist roots

Collaborators, Cults, Crusades and Coverups
in an era of “truth and reconciliation”

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