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elling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and former Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland, MP, to

Stop the Canadian government's funding
of groups that glorify Nazi collaborators

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Scott Taylor,
founder, publisher, editor
Esprit de Corps

"As Canada’s only veteran owned, military magazine Esprit de Corps wholeheartedly endorses this petition.

"We are dedicated to preserving Canada’s military heritage which admirably includes our nation’s contribution to defeating fascism in WW2.

"It is disturbing that certain individuals are keen to glorify Nazis and revise history through Holocaust denial. What is truly a moral crime is that federal funding is being issued to these communities who are keen to honour their fascist forefathers."

"I hope you'll sign this important petition."

This petition is based on research in Issue#70
of Press for Conversion! magazine

Defunding the
Myths and Cults
of Cold War Canada:

Ongoing state support for East European
émigré groups with deep fascist roots

(Collaborators, Crusades and Coverups
in an era of “truth and reconciliation”)
Cover image from Press for Conversion! magazine Issue #70, Spring 2021

Press for Conversion!
began in 1990 as the quarterly magazine of the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade.  For its first decade this publication pushed for the conversion of military industries to socially-useful, environmentally-sound, civilian producton. Since 1999, its issues have focused on a variety of other antiwar themes.  Read back issues of Press for Conversion! online here.

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