Web version of the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade's magazine,
Press for Conversion! (issue #53) on a 1930s fascist plot to oust FDR:

(1) Setting the Stage:
The historical context of the fascist plot to oust FDR:
(a) The “Bonus Army” and the Torching of Hooverville
(b) Conflicting Versions of the Battle of Anacostia:
Gen. Douglas MacArthur vs. Pres. Herbert Hoover

(c) Franklin Delano Roosevelt's First Inaugural Address
(d) America’s Homegrown Fascism

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(2) The Plot and the Main Players
Journalist John Spivak's outline of the plot is augmented with recent research about the key fascists, corporations and groups that were directly involved.

(3) Behind the Scenes
General Butler identified the American Liberty League as the “super-organization” of Wall Street multi-millionaires behind the plot. Here are biographies of the League's main organizers and financiers.

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