Tactical & Survival Specialties, Inc.

(Photographs of the weapons systems listed below were removed from this COAT webpage on Sept.15, 2008, at the request of a representative of TSS, Inc. The images can be viewed at the TSSI links provided)

If you are a lone assassin, a covert CIA agent or military commando (or perhaps all of the above) and you need supplies for your upcoming secret mission, then you've come to the right place. Visit the booth of TSS, Inc. at "Secure Canada 2008."

TSS, Inc. provides convenient one-stop shopping for all your covert war fighting needs.

For instance are you looking for any of the following weapons-related products?

Handgun silencers


Combat knives and Accessories


"Less lethal weapons"


Sniper equipment


Weapon scopes & optics


Weapon Maintenance equipment


Or, perhaps you're just into climbing buildings ("rappelling") and scaling walls ("breaching") and you also need body armour and night vision goggles...

Or, perhaps you're a sniper and you need a sling, swivel or a handy carrying case for your special weapon...

Or, perhaps you just need a frogman suit...

No worries, come to "Secure Canada 2008" and meet the business representatives of Tactical & Survival Specialties, Inc.

P.S. The TSS Inc. website provides a handy link to its favourite charity, the "Special Operations Warrior Foundation" where you can make a donation.

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