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Seen here in front what’s now the home of Foreign Affairs Canada and International Trade Canada, is a little leaflet that you may not have seen. It neatly sums up the situation we’re in today.

It says: “Say a REAL no to Star Wars
No Means:
No Private contracts or research
No Government grants or subsidies
No to NORAD.”

Now, can you see the date on this leaflet? It’s November 18, 1985!

We’ll soon be marking the 22nd anniversary of this event.

Please notice in the bottom left where the organizers, the now-defunct Alliance for Nonviolent Action, say quite defiantly:
“We won’t be fooled again.”

Unfortunately, if you look up “wishful thinking” in the peace activist dictionary, you’ll find that motto.

Now, just for fun, here’s a picture of one of the young resisters arrested at that action, back in ‘85.