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A sure sign that we are being hoodwinked is government duplicity: a two-faced, contradictory doubleness of thought, speech or action.

Just two days before the big NO, our ambassador to the U.S. – former member of the Carlyle Group and one-time golf partner to Bush Sr. -- set off a media frenzy. McKenna said Canada was already involved through NORAD and we’d already given the US what it wanted. What more can we do, he asked?

Heralded as a great exposé, this was actually a cover up, or what intelligence buffs call a “limited hangout.”

Sure, he mentioned NORAD, but that was no secret anyway. It’s what he didn’t say:
Nothing about all the Canadian companies working on BMD.
Nothing about government handouts to those companies.
Nothing about the complicity of government-paid scientists.
Nothing about the integration of our armed forces into US and NATO plans for BMD.

Never-the-less, his statement did pull the rug out from under the debate about whether we should join.

Damage control was needed and within hours the government leaked that it would soon be announcing its final decision on whether or not to join BMD.