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Then, it was Gordon O'Connor’s turn to take a shot at Liberal hypocrisy. O’Connor who was the Conservative's "defence critic,” is now our “Defense” minister.

Of course this former general and war-industry lobbyist knows about the pretense of using nice sounding words, like “defence,” to cover up the horrors of war.

The greatest horror of war is that respectable, smiling people are making a killing selling their bloody weapons.

But the thing I really like about Conservatives is that, unlike Liberals, at least they’re sometimes upfront. They’re proud of being warmongers and they don’t feel the same Liberal need to hide behind veils of weasel words. Sometimes they even come out and say the obvious. On this occasion, O’Connor said:

”We are irrevocably part of missile defence.”

So at least they asked the obvious question and even admitted the obvious.

They portrayed the government’s “no” as a political gesture without substance, a smoke screen hiding Canada’s role in “missile defense.”

This is more than can be said for the corporate media, and I’m afraid, even for the NDP.