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Here, to my embarrassment, as a long-time NDPer, is their immediate response on the very day of the Big “No.”

They did not wait to see if the government's "no" would be followed up with any action, or be linked to a single, practical effort to slow down, let alone stop, any of the existing examples of Canadian complicity in "missile defense."

If they had waited for a real step forward, they would still be waiting.

The NDP has not altered its position on this and is still trying to make hay from their supposed victory in this “long battle.”

They should have decried the supposed “no” as a rigged sleight-of-hand trick designed to distract us while the government picked our pockets with the largest increase in military spending that Canada had seen in decades. Instead, the NDP accepted the “no” at face value and actually propped up the Liberal’s massive war-budget increases.

It was a dark day indeed...