Heads Up!  Canada's Largest Weapons Bazaar is Approaching!
Canada's largest military trade show and exhibition, CANSEC, is returning to Ottawa this June 1 and 2.

CANSEC (brought to you by CADSI)  <== visit their website
CANSEC is organised by a government-funded lobby group that represents 860 manufacturers of military (and police) products. This business association is called the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI).

Canadian Military Exporters Selling to the Middle East
Click above for an interactive list of about 200 Canadian military companies that are known to have exported to the Middle East and/or North Africa.  See the countries that each company has exported to. Click company names to learn more about their military products, where these corporations are located, the names and contact details for their CEOs and presidents, whether they are members of CADSI and whether they exhibited at CANSEC 2010.

CANSEC: War is Business
Access all the articles (graphics included) in a 50-page issue of the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) magazine that focused on CANSEC and the grass-roots struggle to maintain the City of Ottawa's 20-year ban on hosting arms bazaars on municipal property. 

Support the Spring Nuremberg Action Group (SNAG)
This year we are bringing the international law to bear on CANSEC. We are asking CANSEC organisers, exhibitors and participants to sign an agreement that they will abide by the Nuremberg Principles.   

Company Name Booth  Exhibit Hall
3M Canada Company  2110 EADS Canada Hall
A.E. Petsche Co. Ltd. 2916 EADS Canada Hall
ABB Analytical 1915 Boeing Hall
Able Translations Ltd.  2113 EADS Canada Hall
Accipiter Radar Technologies Inc.  1809 Boeing Hall
ADGA Group 2521 EADS Canada Hall
Adventure Lights Inc./Quantum Marine Ltd. 1014 Boeing Hall
AeroMechanical Services Ltd. dba FLYHT 3234 General Dynamics Hall
Aerosystems International Inc. 2907 EADS Canada Hall
Agilent Technologies Canada Inc. 2905 EADS Canada Hall
Airborne Systems Canada Ltd.  1907 Boeing Hall
AirBoss-Defense   2501 EADS Canada Hall
Alenia North America - Canada  3330 General Dynamics Hall
Alexander Battery Corporations 1008 Boeing Hall
Allen-Vanguard   2005 EADS Canada Hall
Allied Wings   2705 EADS Canada Hall
Alpha Optics Inc. 2517 EADS Canada Hall
Alphacasting Inc.  3311 General Dynamics Hall
Analytic Systems 3325 General Dynamics Hall
Anritsu Electronics Ltd. 1608 Boeing Hall
Aptika 1711 Boeing Hall
ARKTOS Developments Ltd.  2115 EADS Canada Hall
Armatec Survivability Corp   1507 Boeing Hall
ArmorWorks Canada 2909 EADS Canada Hall
ATCO Structures & Logistics Ltd. 3242 General Dynamics Hall
Atlantic Alliance of Aerospace and Defence Associations 2609 EADS Canada Hall
Atlantis Systems International 3334 General Dynamics Hall
Atlas Elektronik 1111 Boeing Hall
Averna 3032 General Dynamics Hall
Aviatech Technical Services Inc. 1510 Boeing Hall
Axis Communications 1107 Boeing Hall
Babcock 2709 EADS Canada Hall
BAE SYSTEMS  2305 EADS Canada Hall
Beclawat Manufacturing Inc. 3133 General Dynamics Hall
Bluedrop Performace Learning 2016 EADS Canada Hall
BMV Optical Technologies Inc. 3331 General Dynamics Hall
Bock Optronics Inc. 2713 EADS Canada Hall
Boeing Aerospace   1502 Boeing Hall
Bombardier 1812 Boeing Hall
Borden Ladner Gervais, LLP 3144 General Dynamics Hall
C4i Consultants Inc.  2412 EADS Canada Hall
Cadex Inc. 1810 Boeing Hall
CAE   3201 General Dynamics Hall
Canadian Commercial Corporation 1914 Boeing Hall
Canadian Defence Review T6 EADS Canada Hall
Canal Geomatics Inc. 3313 General Dynamics Hall
CanRep Inc. 2017 EADS Canada Hall
Cantec Systems  1205 Boeing Hall
CarteNav Solutions Inc.  2117 EADS Canada Hall
Cascade Aerospace Inc. 3235 General Dynamics Hall
CGI Info. Systems & Mgmt Consultants 2313 EADS Canada Hall
Chemring Defence   3329 General Dynamics Hall
Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc. 3310 General Dynamics Hall
Cimetrix Solutions Inc. 1207 Boeing Hall
Cleeve Technology Inc.   3306 General Dynamics Hall
Clermark Inc. 3010 General Dynamics Hall
Cobham Tactical Communications & Surveillance   1012 Boeing Hall
Colt Canada   1112 Boeing Hall
COM DEV Ltd. 3024 General Dynamics Hall
Communications Research Centre Canada 1408 Boeing Hall
Composites Atlantic Limited 3041 General Dynamics Hall
Compusult 3034 General Dynamics Hall
Concept Controls Inc. 2716 EADS Canada Hall
Converteam Canada Inc.   3045 General Dynamics Hall
CP Cases Inc. 1511 Boeing Hall
Creaform 2612 EADS Canada Hall
Daniels Electronics Ltd. 2908 EADS Canada Hall
DARAL Group 3017 General Dynamics Hall
Dasco 1109 Boeing Hall
DAVWIRE (Defense & Aviation Wiring 2220 EADS Canada Hall
DBG Canada Limited 3136 General Dynamics Hall
Defence R&D Canada 2809 EADS Canada Hall
Design Shelter Inc.  3011 General Dynamics Hall
DEW Engineering and Development  3110 General Dynamics Hall
Discovery Air Inc. 2815 EADS Canada Hall
Draeger Safety Canada Ltd. 1414 Boeing Hall
DRS Technologies Canada 3217 General Dynamics Hall
EADS Canada/ EADS Defence & Security 2405 EADS Canada Hall
Elbit Systems   2805 EADS Canada Hall
Emcon Emanation Control Ltd. 3337 General Dynamics Hall
EMT Engineering Sales Inc.   3236 General Dynamics Hall
EODC Engineering, Developing and Licensing, Inc. 3312 General Dynamics Hall
ESRI Canada  2400 EADS Canada Hall
Esporta Wash Systems Inc. 3039 General Dynamics Hall
Esprit de Corps Canadian Military Magazine T4 EADS Canada Hall
Esterline CMC Electronics Inc.  1612 Boeing Hall
Export Controls Division (A Division of DFAIT)  2212 EADS Canada Hall
Export Development Canada 1914 Boeing Hall
FELLFAB Limited 2611 EADS Canada Hall
Ferno Canada 1800 Boeing Hall
Field Aviation Company Inc. 2121 EADS Canada Hall
Fleetway Inc. 3014 General Dynamics Hall
FLIR Systems Inc. 1514 Boeing Hall
Frequentis 3118 General Dynamics Hall
Frontline Magazine T7 EADS Canada Hall
Frontline Training & Tactical Products Inc. 2912 EADS Canada Hall
GasTOPS Ltd.   2416 EADS Canada Hall
GE Intelligent Platforms 1607 Boeing Hall
General Dynamics Canada  3103 General Dynamics Hall
General Kinetics Engineering Corp.   3321 General Dynamics Hall
General Starlight Company Inc.  3215 General Dynamics Hall
Gladstone Aerospace Corporation 2014 EADS Canada Hall
Harris Canada Inc. 2006 EADS Canada Hall
Harvan Engineering Ltd. 2707 EADS Canada Hall
HCL Logistics Inc. 1909 Boeing Hall
HFI Pyrotechnics Inc. 3043 General Dynamics Hall
High Speed Imaging Inc. 2208 EADS Canada Hall
Honeywell 2808 EADS Canada Hall
Hudson Supplies Inc. 1900 Boeing Hall
Humansystems Incorporated   2004 EADS Canada Hall
I.M.P. Aerospace Core Group     1912 Boeing Hall
I.T.S. Canada 3044 General Dynamics Canada
ICOM Canada 1209 Boeing Hall
ICOR Technology Inc. 1606 Boeing Hall
IHS Jane's T5 EADS Canada Hall
ImStrat Corporation    3019 General Dynamics Hall
IMT Defence   3211 General Dynamics Hall
Indal Technologies Inc. - Curtiss-Wright Corporation 2216 EADS Canada Hall
Industeel Canada Inc.   3040 General Dynamics Hall
Industry Canada - Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) 1509 Boeing Hall
Industry Canada - Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative (SADI) 1811 Boeing Hall
ING Engineering Inc. 2509 EADS Canada Hall
INO 2712 EADS Canada Hall
Integral Tactical 2221 EADS Canada Hall
Integrys 1010 Boeing Hall
International & Industry Programs (DGIIP) 2210 EADS Canada Hall
International Submarine Engineering Ltd. 1800A Boeing Hall
International Thermal Research Ltd. 2714 EADS Canada Hall
Irving Shipbuilding 3018 General Dynamics Hall
John Deere Limited  3146 General Dynamics Hall
JPOM Inc. 1708 Boeing Hall
Jroberts Defence Systems Inc. 1803 Boeing Hall
Juhana Inc. 3240 General Dynamics Hall
Kamatics Corporation 2910 EADS Canada Hall
Kenwood Electronics Canada Inc. 2500 EADS Canada Hall
Kinetic Drive Solutions 3036 General Dynamics Canada
Kodiak Group Holdings Inc. 3042 General Dynamics Hall
Kongsberg 3138 & 3139 General Dynamics Hall
KristoFOAM Industries Inc. 2710 EADS Canada Hall
L-3 Communications  3001 General Dynamics Hall
Lansdowne Technologies Inc. 2415 EADS Canada Hall
Levitt Safety 1611 Boeing Hall
Line of Fire Inc. 2013 EADS Canada Hall
Lockheed Martin 3125 General Dynamics Hall
Logistik Unicorp Inc.  1815 Boeing Hall
MacDonald, Dettwiler & Associates Ltd. (MDA) 1602 Boeing Hall
Maersk Canada Inc. 2706 EADS Canada Hall
MAN Diesel & Turbo Canada 2914 EADS Canada Hall
Marshall Aerospace Canada Inc.  2515 EADS Canada Hall
Martec Limited 2420 EADS Canada Hall
MC&F International Consultants 1906 Boeing Hall
MD Charlton Co. Ltd.  2614 EADS Canada Hall
Mechron Power Systems 3315 General Dynamics Hall
Meggitt Training Systems Canada    1002 Boeing Hall
Mercedes-Benz Canada  1402 Boeing Hall
Merkur Inc. 1905 Boeing Hall
Michelin North America 3232 General Dynamics Hall
Milrail Inc. 2114 EADS Canada Hall
MIL-SIM-FX International Inc. 3327 General Dynamics Hall
MMIST  1102 Boeing Hall
Mobile Valve Repairs Ltd. 1508 Boeing Hall
MWG Apparel Corp.   1801 Boeing Hall
Nammo Canada Inc.  1310 Boeing Hall
National Research Council - Centre for Surface Transportation Technology 1916 Boeing Hall
National Technical Systems  3022 General Dynamics Hall
Navistar Defense Canada, Inc.  3025 General Dynamics Hall
Neptec Design Group 3308 General Dynamics Hall
Newcon Optik  2315 EADS Canada Hall
Nexter Systems 1901 Boeing Hall
NGRAIN 3021 General Dynamics Hall
NomadIQ Shelter Solutions Inc. 2617 EADS Canada Hall
Norduyn Inc. 1804 Boeing Hall
NORLEANS Technologies Inc.   3207 General Dynamics Hall
Northrop Grumman  1714 Boeing Hall
NovAtel Inc.  3239 General Dynamics Hall
Obzerv Technologies Inc. 2605 EADS Canada Hall
Oshkosh Defense 3038 General Dynamics Hall
Pacific Safety Products Inc.  2109 EADS Canada Hall
PAMI   3147 General Dynamics Hall
Panasonic Canada Inc.   1105 Boeing Hall
Parker Hannifin Corporation 3015 General Dynamics Hall
Patlon Aircraft & Industries Limited 1806 Boeing Hall
Paystation Inc.  2010 EADS Canada Hall
Pelican Products, Inc (Canada). 2105 EADS Canada Hall
Pennant Canada Limited   3338 General Dynamics Hall
Per Vices Corporation 1712 Boeing Hall
Phirelight E-Business Solutions Inc. 1710 Boeing Hall
Plasticase Inc. 1807 Boeing Hall
PPG Aerospace, PRC-DeSoto 2120 General Dynamics Hall
Pratt & Whitney Canada   3333 General Dynamics Hall
Precimold Inc. 2613 EADS Canada Hall
Presagis  3013 General Dynamics Hall
Price Langevin and Associates Inc. 1108 Boeing Hall
Professional Development TSCM Group Inc. 1106 Boeing Hall
PRO LASER PLUS LTD. 1609 Boeing Hall
Provincial Aerospace Ltd.    2100 EADS Canada Hall
PWGSC - Industrisal Security Sector 2214 EADS Canada Hall
PyroGenesis Canada Inc. 2320 EADS Canada Hall
QA Bearing Technologies 2513 EADS Canada Hall
R.Nicholls Distributors Inc.  3225 General Dynamics Hall
Racal Acoustics Ltd. 2321 EADS Canada Hall
Rampart International Corp. 2516 EADS Canada Hall
Raytheon Canada Limited  1302 Boeing Hall
Revision Military Inc. 2414 EADS Canada Hall
Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles Canada Ltd. / Rheinmetall Canada Inc.  1202 Boeing Hall
Rockwell Collins Government Systems Canada 1705 Boeing Hall
Rohde & Schwarz Canada Inc. 3301 General Dynamics Hall
Rolls Royce  3305 General Dynamics Hall
Rose Integration 2119 EADS Canada Hall
Rousseau Metal Inc.  2615 EADS Canada Hall
RuggedCom Inc.  1610 Boeing Hall
Rutter Inc. 1512 Boeing Hall
SAAB   3000 General Dynamics Hall
Safran 2715 EADS Canada Hall
Scepter Corporation 3336 General Dynamics Hall
Seaspan Shipyards 2520 EADS Canada Hall
SED Systems 3233 General Dynamics Hall
Seivad Connections Inc. 3230 General Dynamics Hall
Shellcast Founderies Inc. 3238 General Dynamics Hall
Simex Defence Inc. 2413 EADS Canada Hall
Smiths Detection 1410 Boeing Hall
SNC-Lavalin  2804 EADS Canada Hall
Source Engineering  2607 EADS Canada Hall
Sparta Promotions 3244 General Dynamics Hall
Sprung Instant Structures Ltd.  1713 Boeing Hall
StandardAero 2608 EADS Canada Hall
STC Footwear  2704 EADS Canada Hall
Stoeger Canada   3026 General Dynamics Hall
Strategic Ops Group 1904 Boeing Hall
TACO Antenna 1917 Boeing Hall
Techsol 2011 EADS Canada Hall
Tektronix Canada Inc. 2915 EADS Canada Hall
Telesat Canada 1213 Boeing Hall
Textron Systems Canada Inc. 1704 Boeing Hall
Thales Canada   2205 EADS Canada Hall
The Shooting Edge  3020 General Dynamics Hall
ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems Canada Inc. 2421 EADS Canada Hall
Track24 Canada Limited 3231 General Dynamics Hall
TSL Aerospace Technologies Limited 1412 Boeing Hall
Tulmar Safety Systems Inc.   3317 General Dynamics Hall
Ultra Electronics Canada    3241 General Dynamics Hall
Universal Airbeams Inc. 2708 EADS Canada Hall
Valcom Consulting Group Inc.  2512 EADS Canada Hall
Valley Associates Inc.  2505 EADS Canada Hall
Vanguard Magazine T3 EADS Canada Hall
VariSystems   1006 Boeing Hall
Vector Aerospace Corporation  2522 EADS Canada Hall
Vectronix AG    2317 EADS Canada Hall
Vestshell Inc. 2499 EADS Canada Hall
Voti Inc. 3037 General Dynamics Hall
Wartsila Canada Inc. 3145 General Dynamics Hall
Weatherhaven   3135 General Dynamics Hall
Webasto Product North America Inc. 3309 General Dynamics Hall
Women in Defence and Security (WiDS) T1 EADS Canada Hall
WINGS Magazine / HELICOPTERS Magazine T2 EADS Canada Hall
X20 Media 3028 General Dynamics Hall
X-Act Technologies Ltd. 1903 Boeing Hall


Nexter Systems
Outdoor Static Display

The Nexter Systems Outdoor Static Display Exhibit will feature the latest in land and air vehicles, UAVs as well as equipment used in theatre by the Canadian Forces.  Make sure to visit this area of the show, located next to the EADS Canada and General Dynamics Halls.

List of Outdoor Static Display Exhibitors

Company Name Space number
Allen Vanguard 110
BAE 99
Canterra Solutions 215
Design Shelter Inc. 303
DEW Engineering & Development 117
DRS Technologies 200
EADS/ Eurocopter 121
FLIR Systems Inc. 311
Frontline Training & Tactical Products Inc. 115
General Dynamics 98
General Dynamics GDLS 122
L3 Communications 211
Mercedes-Benz Canada 104
Nexter Systems Canada 205
Norleans Technologies 319
Parker Hannifin Corporation 114
Rheinmetall 105
Rockwell Collins 300
Textron Systems Canada Inc. 212
Thales Canada 113
Universal Airbeam 209
Valley & Associates Inc. 219